GE to speak at Connected Conference on “The Rise of the Industrial Internet”

GE to speak at Connected Conference on “The Rise of the Industrial Internet”


Connected Conference, sponsored by SIGFOX, is just a week away, and we’re excited to announce our surprise speaker on June 18th is none other than GE’s CEO of Heathcare in Europe, Jean-Michel Malbrancq. Malbrancq got his start working at imaging company Thomson CGR, an imaging company which was subsequently acquired by GE in 1987. Since then, he has been working in business development for GE’s various evolving technologies, and now finds himself leading GE Healthcare in Europe, a sector which is at the core of GE’s “Industrial Internet” initiative.

The “Industrial Internet” is GE’s term for the intersection between the industrial sector and the internet of things – the injection of telecommunication into physical machinery. In Europe, players like Bosch have begun to stand out in this arena, and GE’s current activities in France and around the world make them a core player for the Future of the Internet.

Jean-Michel will talk about how we got to this point, why the future of the Industrial sector is the Industrial internet, and where the Industrial Internet can take us.

The Connected Conference is full of amazing speakers – former Apple GM EMEIA Pascal Cagni, Samsung VP Luc Julia, VP of Emerging Technology Gary Atkinson, and SIGFOX CEO Ludovic Le Moan – who will be talking about the future of the Internet of Things, Connected Hardware, and the ecosystems it has already begun disrupting.