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Whyd releases IOS app: stream and discover tracks through music-lover community

The Rude Baguette has been following Whyd for a while now. The service started out as a very handy browser extension to bookmark your favorite  songs from any platform – a tool much needed by music bloggers, DJs and all of us who spend hours looking for the latest musical breakthrough. After they raised €700k […]

European Ecommerce market grew 16% last year to €363 billion

European Ecommerce market grew 16% last year to €363 billion

Europe’s ecommerce market growth continues to show now signs of slowing.  With many European economies starting to at least stablize last year, online sales in Europe went on to grow at a very healthy 16% in 2013, increasing Europe’s overall ecommerce market to €363 billion. This actually puts Europe ahead of the North America, whose ecommerce […]

MyFox is the first home security channel to integrate with IFTTT

MyFox is the first home security channel to integrate with IFTTT

IFTTT, the tool to create triggers between your digital actions, just announced a partnership with MyFox. The company that provides connected devices to prevent burglaries consequently becomes the first home-security channel on the highly selective platform.   IFTTT seems to have been seduced by the differentiating technology inside MyFox’s devices. The small captors can be […]

Connected Hardware Crowdfunding Competition : and the winners are…

[LIVE BLOG] In parallel to the Connected Conference, the Rude Baguette organized a competition for startups raising funds on Indiegogo for their connected hardware projects. The finalists were announced last week; all 6 of them launched their campaign on Indiegogo and got a booth at the Connected Conference to show off their products. Three startups showed the highest […]

Axelle Lemaire: “France has everything to be a leader in IoT”

The deputy Minister for Digital Economy Axelle Lemaire announced today at the Connected Conference in Paris the launch of a “Plan Industriel” dedicated to the Internet of Things. 21 des 34 plans de la Nouvelle France industrielle en ordre de marche — Axelle Lemaire (@axellelemaire) June 19, 2014 The “Plan Industriel” is one amongst […]

French Cloud Company eNovance acquired by Red Hat for €70M

Red Hat, the leader in Open Source solutions providers, announced the acquisition of eNovance, the french company Founded in 2008 by Raphaël Ferreira, Nicolas Marchal and Pierre Molin. eNovance helps service providers and large-scale private enterprises build and deploy cloud infrastructures quickly and cost effectively. Both companies were already collaborating since 2013. The acquisition, according […]

How IoT can save us from world challenges

[LIVEBLOG] The Connected Conference, the first international conference dedicated to the Internet of Things, welcome this morning in Paris Gary Atkinson, Director of Emerging Technologies at ARM to discuss how IoT can help out the big challenges humanity faces. Gary Atkinson identifies four main challenges that the planet is heading towards, and that IoT can […]

Take-aways from the first French bitcoin hackathon

Last week-end, La Maison du Bitcoin hosted the very first French bitcoin hackathon, sponsored by Coinbase and Paymium. As a member of the jury and Coinbase spokesperson, I had the opportunity to take part in this event. Let me come back to the projects and ideas that emerged from these 41 hours of hackathon. 93 […]

Launched at Paris Founders Event, Front App got into YC

Co-founded by Mathilde Collin (CEO) and Laurent Perrin (CTO), Front, a collaborative email client, got selected to do a launch-demo, on stage, at last edition of the Paris Founders Event – the event where FrenchTech startups launch. Three months later, we’re very glad to announce the startup got into the most prestigious incubator in the […]

FNAC study reveals customers do not perceive connected objects as gadgets

  [LIVEBLOG] The Connected Conference, the first international conference dedicated to the Internet of Things, welcomed Katia Hersard, Chief E-commerce and Marketing Director at FNAC to present the results of a large-scale survey on connected objects conducted among its customers.  2000 respondents participated in the survey conducted by FNAC to figure out how connected objects […]