6 Startups will simultaneously launch Connected Hardware Crowdfunding Campaigns next week

6 Startups will simultaneously launch Connected Hardware Crowdfunding  Campaigns next week


One of the big highlights of our Connected Conference this 18-19th at the Halle Freyssinet will be the ‘connected’ crowdfunding competition. We’ve partnered with Indiegogo to identify some of the most innovative new connected objects. Starting on Monday at a launch event taking place at TheFamily, 6 selected projects will launch their campaigns.  From there, they’ll have until the 19th to run their campaigns. The three most successful crowdfunding campaigns will go on to pitch on the main stage at the Connected Conference on the 19th!

We hope that you’ll join us on the 16th at 19h at TheFamily (25 Rue du Petit Musc, 75004) to help them launch their campaigns with a bang! You can register to attend here:


Of course, as the projects will be the true stars of the night, below is s a short overview of each.

See you on the 16th at TheFamily and on the 18th and 19th at the Connected Conference!

oPhone LogooPhone

The oPhone is a revolutionary hardware device that generates complex aroma signals in rapid succession. The oPhone is loaded with 8 “oChips”, replaceable cartridges of aromatic material that make the oPhone capable of diffusing up to 300,000 unique aromas.
Starting June 17th, oSnap, the company’s iPhone application, will allow users to tag photographs with unique scents, send and receive these scent-tagged images electronically as oNotes via email, Facebook, Twitter and other. Paired by Bluetooth with the oPhone, iPhone users of oSnap will be able to aromatically experience oNotes.

terabee logo big HDTerabee

Terabee started as a service provider for drone-based aerial work and evolved towards becoming a technology development company. Terabee works with CERN for the development of smart indoor inspection systems, able to safely and quickly navigate in unknown environments. In order to ensure anti-collision and self-localisation of autonomous robots, Terabee developed novel super fast and light distance measurement sensors and 3D cameras based on Time of Flight (ToF) technology, which is shifting robotics and autonomous navigation to a new era.

Wall Measure bundles our sensors with normal smart phones to enable a super quick taking of multiple wall measurements with a simple click. Measures can be stored in the phone or cloud and easily shared with others. Moreover, in a second step we can try generating automatically 3D CAD files for the users.

Logo Sensaris High ResSensbloks: Your personal Internet of Things device

Inspired by Phonebloks, Sensaris launches the Sensbloks collection, the world’s first portable devices for environmental, comfort and personal productivity data. A key element in user friendly Internet of Things and crowdsourcing solutions, the combination of Pods and Bloks adapt to your needs and lifestyles.
Pods handle power management, dual mode Bluetooth communication with your smartphone and processing while interchangeable Bloks contain a wide variety of sensors. Designed for active people, Sensbloks weigh less than 50 grams and fit in the palm of your hands, so you can use them at home, in the office or on the go.


Ekino, a french tech-oriented digital agency in Paris, imagined a innovative object that changes how you interact with your television.
The team started out with a simple problem to solve: today, we just can’t easily share a moment of television. From there, Ekino built a simple solution to enable this new interaction: a simple little object for your couch you can press to get what you just laughed at on TV sent directly on your smartphone!

logo-wicross2Wicross:  Wicross is the first social platform for Internet of Things

Through Wicross, IoT users can make a better use of their devices; keep in touch with their friends through their use; create interaction rules between them and buy new ones.
Such a 360° experience lends Wicross a unique position in the field of IoT management apps.
Wicross is also aiming to anchor its app in the heart of an open IoT ecosystem and want to create an interconnection “standard” that will simplify the use of connected devices and so, speed up the penetration of those devices throughout the world.

LOGO-KosmoGet Kosmo

Kosmo is an elegant and smart connected e-cigarette crafted by the leading generation of French designers. It comes with a free mobile app that tracks the way you vape, allows you to follow your progress with beautiful graphs, and lets you start a reduction program based on your smoking habits. Because we care about your health we spent time building this algorithm so you can quit effortlessly. By sharing your progress with friends you will get the extra motivation you need.
With Kosmo, vaping has never been so smart.