Connected Hardware Crowdfunding Competition : and the winners are…

Connected Hardware Crowdfunding Competition : and the winners are…

Connected Conference - Day 2 - Image by Dan Taylor -

[LIVE BLOG] In parallel to the Connected Conference, the Rude Baguette organized a competition for startups raising funds on Indiegogo for their connected hardware projects. The finalists were announced last week; all 6 of them launched their campaign on Indiegogo and got a booth at the Connected Conference to show off their products.

Three startups showed the highest amount of money and/or the greatest percentage of the goal raised and got to present their product on stage. Campaigns are still going on on IndieGogo, don’t hesitate to support them!

The 3 winners are:


the connected e-cigaret launched at another big events brought to you by the Rude Baguette: the Paris Founders Event, last April. Kosmo combines an elegant design and cool features like a light that indicates when you reached the equivalent of one cigaret, of social sharing for your friends to help you quit.




The social platform for IoT enables its users to make a better use of their devices, keep in touch with their friends through their use, create interaction rules between them and buy new ones.

Connected Conference - Day 1 - Image by Dan Taylor -


The oPhone is a revolutionary hardware device that generates complex aroma signals. The app will allow users to tag photographs with unique scents, send and receive these scent-tagged images electronically as oNotes via email, Facebook, Twitter and other.

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