MyFox is the first home security channel to integrate with IFTTT

MyFox is the first home security channel to integrate with IFTTT


IFTTT, the tool to create triggers between your digital actions, just announced a partnership with MyFox. The company that provides connected devices to prevent burglaries consequently becomes the first home-security channel on the highly selective platform.


IFTTT seems to have been seduced by the differentiating technology inside MyFox’s devices. The small captors can be installed on doors and windows in a few seconds and can figure out intrusion attempts before they happen, releasing a loud alarm, without any risk of battery or network failure. According to MyFox’s CEO Jean-Marc Prunet, MyFox prevents 80% of intrusions – for a total of 20k clients, using 100k connected devices. MyFox’s users can access an app to configure the alarm, watch the security camera footage, and be alerted in case of a problem.


The partnership is persistent with MyFox’s view on the standardisation of connected objects. Jean-Marc Prunet has stated that the market of connected objects will only become fully mature when consumers will be able to have their connected devices inter-operable without constraints. On the contrary to a variety of market stakeholders, MyFox believes in the Internet as the standard protocol for connected objects, as previously mentioned on their blog (article in French). That is the reason why the company has been a pioneer amongst security companies in opening its API – MyFox is already part of the new B.Domo project by Bouygues (see this blogpost in French).


“MyFox’s ambition is not to build apps to control your whole house, it is to be THE app for your home security, and available no matter the distribution network or the platform you use to connect your home” declares Jean-Marc Prunet. The fact that MyFox becomes a channel on IFTTT is a step closer to this ambition as it makes it only easier for its users to play with the app and to configure their building’s security. Jean-Marc Prunet hopes that, in the future, other environments and developer swill diversify the ecosystem in which MyFox will be able to interact.