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Spain is now Orange’s 3rd largest market as it overtakes Vodafone; eyes Telefonica

Although Spain’s difficult economy has proved troublesome for many companies operating there, Orange’s Spanish fortunes continue to grow. With 14 million customers, Orange has again outperformed the Spanish market to establish itself as the #2 mobile and fixed telco in the Spain. This now puts Orange just ahead of Vodafone (whose Enterprise business Orange has […]

Should VCs adopt a “Code of Conduct?”

Should VCs adopt a “Code of Conduct?”

It’s not a stretch to say that the permeation of the Internet in everything we do has lead to more transparency, more accountability & more visibility into what people do and what happens in the world. Countries cannot downplay revolutions, because Twitter knows about it before they do. The NSA can’t get away with spying […]

[SPONSORED] Bringing an edge to your image

[SPONSORED] Bringing an edge to your image

The following post is sponsored by online printing & design company MOO. For more information about our Sponsored Content policy, click here.  The New Year has barely kicked off and even with multiple predictions of ‘what 2014 will be all about’, the truth of those statements will only reveal itself a couple of months from now. Some […]

Minutebuzz in hot water for selling plagiarized love story to Coca Cola

It seems that Shia LaBeouf isn’t the only one getting in trouble for ‘being inspired’ by the works of the others – French viral video site Minutebuzz is in hot water for their most recent viral creation, a video about a young Frenchman who decides to get a last-minute plane ticket to Cancun to surprise […]

5 Wrong Answers to “What makes you the best at what you do?”

This article is part of the “Unbullshit-able” series – a series of articles around questions that entrepreneurs are asked that are bullshit-proof. Today’s question is “What makes you the best at what you do?” Talking about what makes your startup bullet-proof – or clone-proof, or Google-proof, for that matter – is never easy. Sometimes the […]

Deutsche Telekom to rival OVH in France with new hosting offer

Deutsche Telekom is moving to take on hosting leader OVH on their home turf, France. Deutsche Telekom’s hosting unit Strato has just launched its first offer in France with 25k .fr domain names free for one year, with no engagement and hosting services starting 1,19€/month, beating OVH’s entry-level pricepoint of 1,99€ . At the entry level […]

Algolia gets backed by Y Combinator

Unless you’re living in the digital dark ages you certainly rely on search everyday. Surprisingly enough searching for what we’re looking for is somewhat difficult. Sure there is Google and Bing to crawl through the world’s data, but try searching for a keyword inside a website or an app and you are likely to find […]

Mapping the Secrets to Crowdfunding Platform Successes & Failures

Crowdfunding is a hot-topic these days, and ever since I was invited to animate a panel at IdeaLab! last October, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the evolution, the trends, knowing that not every platform that forms today will exist in 5 years, and that not every possible outcome has been tried before. […]

[Bootstrap PR] S$!T hit the fan, now here’s what you do

The following article is a Guest Post from PR Consultant Alex Lodola. It is the 3rd in a series on PR for bootstrapped startups. You can read the first and second here. Crises happen, and they spread like wild fire. In such a period, well-coordinated and thought out PR is key. Users/customers will be asking themselves two […]

After pivoting from DotCloud, app development platform Docker raises $15 M

San Francisco startup Docker announced that it has closed a $15 Million round of funding led by Greylock Partners, with participation by Insight Venture Partners and their existing investors: Benchmark (Peter Fenton), Trinity Ventures (Dan Scholnick), and Jerry Yang/AME Cloud Ventures. The funding will allow the startup, which pivoted from DotCloud back in October, to continue to […]