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When a great makes book makes you yearn for the future of publishing

Holidays are always a good period to catch up on reading and given the launch of our forthcoming mobile app (fear not, all HTML5), I went with a book covering data management and services in an HTML5 setting. So the Kindle got loaded with HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook, written by Gori Kosev and Mite […]

France fines Google 150K€ for unclear practices around user data

France fines Google 150K€ for unclear practices around user data

The CNIL, France’s data privacy regulatory board, released a statement this week following a meeting in which they determined that an update made to Google’s privacy policy, which violate European Union laws around data privacy. The 150,000€ fine comes with a requirement for the search giant to post a notice on its homepage ( within 8 […]

After New York & London, all-in-one public transit guide Citymapper launches in Paris

After New York & London, all-in-one public transit guide Citymapper launches in Paris

New to Paris and looking to get around using public transportation? You may want to give Citymapper a try. The all-in-one travel planner, which previously has been available in New York City & London, combines all form of transit – Buses, Metro, RER, Velib (public bikes) – to provide a comprehensive, one-stop A-to-B travel planner. […]

[CES] Sculpteo introduces batch control for bulk 3D Printing

The highly successful 3D printing company Sculpteo keeps impressing with its just announced batch control for 3D printing. Because some of its clients require multiple prints of the same object Sculpteo is improving the overall experience for such clients. The company explained that its clients start to get more demanding after a couple of print […]

“Les Soldes” continue to trend digital

According to a study conducted by CSA for FEVAD, France’s leading e-commerce and mail order trade association, 7 out of 10 of internet users plan to either prepare for or make their actual purchases on-line during “les soldes” (bi-annual sales), which equates to 30 million people. Perhaps reflecting the apparent slow-down in France e-commerce sector […]

[CES] Former Google employee launches the Keecker, an immersive robot experience for the home

Pierre Lebeau, a former Google employee, is introducing a new product called Keecker. It’s a home robot that can move from one room to another to keep your media content mobile inside the home. The Keecker has a powerful sound system and a projector integrated so he can project your photos on the wall, a […]

What’s next in 2014 for Europe’s tech ecosystem

Rather than sit back and reflect on the year that was and lament the loss of Google Reader, let’s look ahead to 2014 and what it could bring to the European tech ecosystem. For Gamification to be used for good.  I have been to too many meetings where people bring up gamification as a tool […]

[CES] announces Mother, the Internet of Things hub that knows all about you

Founder of Rafi Haladjian is at Las Vegas to show its new product called Mother. The Paris-based company came up with a connected product that could be a perfect ambassador of the Internet of Things philosophy. Mother is a connected device to sit in your home and act as a hub for all your […]

Rude Baguette’s 2014 New Year’s Wishes for the French Startup Scene

In the spirit of France’s tradition of offering one’s hopes for what the New Year will bring, the Rude Baguette writing team figured we’d follow President Hollande’s lead and offer ours. However our wishes will, of course, focus squarely on France’s tech ecosystem. Feel free to offer yours as well in the comments section. Enjoy! […]

[CES] Staying relevant after cloud storage, how LaCie raised the bar for local hard drives

LaCie is at CES and has just announced 3 new products for its file storage product lineup. The French company is known for its high quality standards and exquisite design, and with the new launch the company steps up the bar – at least where design is concerned. In a cloud connected generation consumer storage companies […]