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The latest qunb layout makes visualizing your Google Analytics data super easy

This week, data visualization startup qunb announced a new layout of its service, which once claimed to be the Youtube of data. Today, the service, which just recently finished the 3-month Techstars Boston program (SEE: 5 Things I learned at TechStars by qunb CEO Cyrille Vincey), now offers a very useful demo of their visualizatiion capabilities, […]

Ash Maurya brings his celebrated Running Lean workshop to Paris on October 14-15th

Ash Maurya brings his celebrated Running Lean workshop to Paris on October 14-15th

On October 14-15th, EPITA’s accelerator Startup42 will welcome Lean Startup thought leader Ash Maurya as he brings his Running Lean workshop to Paris for the first time. Maurya, a well-known author of the best-selling ‘Running Lean’, strives via his much heralded workshop to give entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and other visionaries practical tools as well as one-on-one […]

Most software companies don’t care about users. Let’s spark a change

Most software companies don’t care about users. Let’s spark a change

Regardless of what you do in life you will have heard the infamous sentence “we care about our customers”.  And if you attend startup competitions or are in the Angel/VC field, you most likely hear from each presenting company how much they care about their users. Then 3 slides later in their presentation they tell […]

Simplon reaches its Crowdfunding goal to build web developer school for underprivileged youth in France

Score one for enabling anyone to become a programer – Simplon, a name that has been talked about quite a lot among the Paris startup community, has succeeded in raising the €15,000 it needed in order to build its school for underprivileged youth looking to learn to program. The six-month program, which will take place […]

Tech City News says “Don’t write off Paris.” I say “Write off Tech City News.”

Today is just like any other day in the Paris tech market: Richard Branson drove a vintage cuban military vehicle through the streets of Paris, and another Paris tech company announced it had filed papers for its $1 Billion+ IPO. You might think either one of these incidents is abnormal in Paris; however, 2013 has […]

Virgin Mobile’s new 4G plan may just be Bouygues Telecom’s comeback

Update: this post originally announced that Virgin Mobile would be offering a 4G plan for 19,99€/month. In fact, Virgin Mobile made two big announcements at once – a 4G Plan in partnership with Bouygues, and a new 19,99€/month 3G mobile plan – we inadvertently referred to them as the same announcement, and have subsequently updated […]

Early Bird tickets for TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin run out soon – here’s why you want one.

TechCrunch will bring its popular Disrupt event to Berlin for the first tme on October 28th – 29th. They’ll be kicking-off a jammed packed event week with a big Hackathon on Oct 26th-27th, followed by the main event on Oct 28th-29th. TechCrunch Disrupt aims not only to address the most important topics facing today’s tech […]

Here we go: Criteo files its IPO, could be trading as early as October

Criteo has filed its public IPO documents with the SEC, meaning the IPO could be no more than a month away. The announcement, first picked up by AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka, comes as no surprise – the IPO has been long awaited, and with the company’s acquisition of mobile adTech company AD-X in July, it was […]

Britain looks to woo French startups & investors via trip on October 1st.

In celebration of their 140th anniversary, the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce is organizing a day-long themed visit to London on October 1st which will aim to provide businesses and potential investors practical advice on how to set up their businesses or invest in London & the UK as well as offer insights on how London […]

Code in the Dark prizes valued at 3000€ in hardware, free rides & more!

Code in the Dark is just 10 days away, and frankly, we’re just too excited to keep the prizes a secret. We already revealed that the event, taking place at the brand new Deezer HQ, will feature a great buffet courtesy of AlloResto, and that Carlsberg will be stocking the fridges all night; however, today, […]