Code in the Dark prizes valued at 3000€ in hardware, free rides & more!

Code in the Dark prizes valued at 3000€ in hardware, free rides & more!

Code in the Dark is just 10 days away, and frankly, we’re just too excited to keep the prizes a secret. We already revealed that the event, taking place at the brand new Deezer HQ, will feature a great buffet courtesy of AlloResto, and that Carlsberg will be stocking the fridges all night; however, today, we’ve got more awesome news to announce.

Every single attendee – participant or spectator – will receive $100 in Amazon Web Services credit. That’s right, just for showing up we’re giving you $100. In addition, every single participant will get to enjoy free Redbull (served by tech-loving Redbull hostesses) all night long.

Thanks to Mobiskill Partner, there will be a random drawing during the event and we’ll be giving away two Netatmo home weather stations and 15 free deliveries from toktoktok, an “Uber for delivery” service, that promises delivery of anything, anytime, anywhere (in Paris) – that means that even if you get knocked out in the first round, you might walk home with awesome prizes – well, let’s say stumble home.

The top Runner-ups – that is, those who survive the initial elimination round and the semi-finals, will all receive a Sphero courtesy of Paypal, as well as 100€ in rides around town courtesy of Snapcar.

As for the Winner – the King of Code – they’ll, of course, get the $100 in AWS credits, and they might even win a Netatmo station. Paypal will be giving them a Sphero as well – because who wouldn’t want a Sphero – and Snapcar, they’ll be giving away 500€ in free rides(!!!), so say goodbye to taking the metro for a while. Lastly, Mailjet will be giving the winner a brand new Parrot AR Drone.

Here at the Rude Baguette, we believe that developer events should have an open bar, that the event should be centered around how good you are at coding, and the winners shouldn’t be rewarded with applause from arbitrary judges, but that the King of Code should be crowned by his peers, and his reward should be an armful of gadgets and a ride home with a chauffeur.

While the Coding may end by 11:30PM, the party will only really just be beginning then. Deezer will kick off the after-party with one of their legendary DJs (do you remember Deezer’s LeWeb party in 2011? Yeah, this will crush that) and we’ve been politely asked to wrap up before 7AM, so don’t expect to catch the metro home.