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Sunrise: Ex-Foursquare UX Designers look to replace the last remaining default iPhone App: the Calendar.

Each new iPhone comes with a few in-house apps – mail, clock, weather, ,maps, etc. – and one-by-one, these apps have been outdone by competitor who devote their energy towards making these things easier. Sparrow killed the ‘mail’ app (and then Google all-but-killed Sparrow), Google killed Apple Maps, and the weather app has been replaced […]

20 (more) French startups whose names don’t work in English

20 (more) French startups whose names don’t work in English

A while back  I received a series of pitches from startups with ridiculous names, so I decided to share them in an effort to explain why they didn’t work in English, in order to help startups create a better brand identity. Since then, it seems like everyday where someone goes “Oh man, I can’t believe […]

Next Berlin’s Startup Competition looks for the Top 30 European startups

Next Berlin’s Startup Competition looks for the Top 30 European startups

NEXT Berlin has made a pretty good name for itself as an event not to miss for anyone interested in Berlin startups or the German market. Hosted by digital agency SinnerSchrader, we sent our resident half-German Nicolas Metzke out to the event last year, and he came back with new ideas and thoughts on the event. This year, […]

Mobile World Congress reveals what many already knew: France is killing it in the App Discovery space!

One of the areas where France is showing some muscle this year is in mobile app discovery.  We’ve covered this fast growing sector quite regularly on Rude Baguette, mainly because the myriad of innovative startups in this area always have an impressive story to tell. If MWC is anything to go by, this is clearly […]

Evernote passes 1 Million users in France, doubled in the past year

It seems like only yesterday that Evernote was launching Evernote Hello and announcing a partnership with Orange at LeWeb 2011, when I first got my hands on Evernote. This week, the company announced on their French blog that the company has passed one million users in France. The company counts more than 50 million users […]

Former Joshfire CTO Sylvain Zimmer launches Pricing Assistant, Pricing-As-A-Service for E-Commerce

On his personal blog today, Sylvain Zimmer announced that he is launching a new venture, Pricing Assistant, which he calls “pricing-as-a-service” for eMerchants. The former CTO of Joshfire, and founder of Jamendo, TEDxParis, dotConferences & more said of the launch: “Airlines and hotels have been investing heavily in advanced pricing tools for decades but there […]

With 500K+ users, Leetchi brings Social Payments to mobile with a new site & iPhone App

We haven’t heard a lot from the Leetchi team since they raised a €$4Million round of funding nearly one year ago to date, allegedly intended for international expansion. The social payments site, which now boasts 500,000+ users on their service, launched a long-awaited iPhone application, and took the opportunity to optimize their web interface for mobile, […]

March 6th, Rude Baguette invites you to its (re)Launch party

It’s been 1 Year, 5 Months, and 4 Days since we published our first articles, and we’ve been pretty happy with the results so far – namely, that you guys are happy. We’ve worked with the resources we have (i.e. none) to bring France an English-language news site that would add a new voice to […]

The Mobile World Congress French Pavillion shows the world what France can do in Mobile

Smack dab in the middle of the monstrous Mobile World Congress’ Hall 5, sits France’s French Pavillion. As with other big, developed markets, Ubifrance (for the 7th consecutive year) works to put some of France’s most interesting mobile companies on display and organizes business meetings for them with potential partners in other markets.  Many of […]

Stonehenge Telecom acquires French Software Vendor Supranetcom

At Mobile Web Congress in Barcelona this week, Stonehenge Telecom Holdings has announced the acquisition Supranetcom, a Paris-based software vendor who specializes in the design of telecom software platforms for delivering Value-Added Services (VAS) and Mobile Financial Services (MFS). The acquisition, which occurred last May 2012, has expanded Stonehenge’s offering in the Telecom space, and has […]