March 6th, Rude Baguette invites you to its (re)Launch party


Rude baguette new siteIt’s been 1 Year, 5 Months, and 4 Days since we published our first articles, and we’ve been pretty happy with the results so far – namely, that you guys are happy. We’ve worked with the resources we have (i.e. none) to bring France an English-language news site that would add a new voice to the international conversation about startups, and we’ve done a pretty good job at it.

Whether it’s breaking the Pigeon Movement story, writing about AdGate, or covering startups just weeks before they raise their first large round of funding, Rude Baguette has become a reference point for anyone interested in the French market, and I think it’s time we give something back to the readers. For all of you who have put up with our site design up until now, kudos. Since we’ve begun working on the new site, it’s been a pain to look at every day, thinking “no, but…. this is so awful. It looks like we just copied Michael Arrington’s Uncrunched blog! Ugh!” But the time has come to roll out a new site, something that is worthy of our readers.

Rude Baguette is proud to invite you to our (re)-launch party, during which we will relaunch our website with a whole new site design, as well as talk about what is to come for Rude Baguette. We pride ourselves on being big parts of the French startup community, whether its regular visits to the EuraTechnoloies center in Lille, facilitating Startup Weekend Nice Sophie-Antipolis, which I’m doing in a few weeks, or speaking at conferences like TheNextWeb & London Web Summit with an eye on France. Over the next near, we’ll be working hard to create some real community events and tools (don’t worry, it’s not an online networking tool) that we think will bring value to the French startup scene, and the international community looking in through the lenses we have provided them.

We’ve always been about providing high value analysis, high-value articles, and we’ll continue to do so, on our blog and on the ground.

Look forward to seeing you there! Get your tickets now before they run out!


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  1. Jerome Camblain

    Liam, I am so sorry I won’t be in town. Great idea.
    You deserve a legion d’honneur for helping French tech scene to shine abroad…as the rest of the world does not read French, but someone had to think about that first.
    Well done.

  2. waxzce

    So sorry but I can’t be there …

    I really LOVE the rude baguette work, spirit and way to help french startup scene

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