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Deezer shakes it up with their version of The Harlem Shake

Yesterday the team over at the Deezer Paris Headquarters posted a video of them “doing the Harlem Shake.” The video, which is based off of this original video, which was uploaded at the beginning of the month and has since gone viral, accumulating over 7M views. While Deezer’s version may not be as good as […]

3 French games studios in trouble – are Social & Mobile still keys to success for games studios?

3 French games studios in trouble – are Social & Mobile still keys to success for games studios?

Two social gaming studios publicly announced they were closing these past few weeks in France, Mandala and Qozmo. We often hear from companies having a hard time that the Facebook market has been becoming tougher in recent years, and if several companies in the same space fail in a short time, this can turn into […]

eDeal Summit 2013 brings together Europe’s top eCommerce Deal leaders

eDeal Summit 2013 brings together Europe’s top eCommerce Deal leaders

The eDeals industry (think Daily Deals, Flash Sales, Coupons/Vouchers, Social Commerce, etc) has been experiencing both substantial growth and significant challenges over the last couple years.  Groupon and Living Social have obviously been the biggest news (not all of positive of course).  But they’re just a small part of what’s becoming an increasingly crowded space.  In […]

After eliminating the competition with help from the government, Amazon to “harmonize” commission rates in France

Amazon has been welcomed with open arms by the government. They bought their tapis rouge on Amazon, rolled it out from them on top of FNAC, Darty, Surcouf, and Virgin Megastore, and let them walk right in. To give a brief summary, in the past year Amazon has opened new offices in Burgundy, and Pas de Calais, […]

Another bad break for Renault as man drives uncontrollably from Paris to the Belgian border at 125 mph

You’ve probably already read about the crazy story of the man who’s breaks failed and whose accelerator locked for an hour, sending him 125 mph up the freeway from Paris to the Belgian border, until he finally ran out of gas and drove his car into a ditch. The driver had the amazing forethought to […]

What I learned at Lift13 about the Swiss startup scene

Last week I attended Lift13 in Geneva, which was a great experience, offering all kinds of interesting insights, debates and experiences around technological innovation. Although innovation and entrepreneurship have always been at the core of Lift’s DNA, this year saw a particular emphasis on showcasing Switzerland’s startup scene. It was interesting seeing how the tech […]

Showroom Privé anticipates strong growth through 2014 as it rolls out across Europe, says Thierry Petit

Showroom Privé, the number two private sales site in Europe behind Vente Privée, has announced not only that they earned 250M€ in 2012, but that they are planning to earn 350M€ in 2013, a 66% growth rate. This past year, the site counted 10 Million visitors from France – likely a large percentage of their […]

After acquiring Boxcar last year, Kwaga sells its technology to ProcessOne

Paris-based Kwaga announced today that it has sold Boxcar, the US startup it purchased last year, to ProcessOne, a real-time messaging provider for popular mobile apps, such as Orange’s Libon, BBC Radio, Meetic, Atos & Major League Baseball (MLB). The company’s CEO Mickaël Rémond said that “We’ve been working in messaging for more than 10 years, delivering large […]

Here’s your chance to tell Fleur Pellerin what you want from Paris Capitale Numerique

In an effort to ensure that broader tech community as well as the general public don’t feel all decisions are been made in a governmental bubble, Fleur Pellerin has opened the Paris Capitale Numérique initiative up for input.  Earlier this week, the governement launched an online questionnaire in French and English (great idea!) to gather […]

Suck it UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Turkey & Romania – It’s easier to earn $1M in France!

Perhaps I’m a bit too excited about this recent article in The Economist, which details how many years it takes a ‘median breadwinner’ to earn $1M in various countries, but I was stoked to see France place at #8, behind most of Northern Europe, the USA, Canada & Japan. Here on the Rude Baguette, we […]