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HackDayParis – Hacking the language barrier…

This past weekend I went to HackDayParis – mainly scouting for developers, but also seeing what cool stuff people could come up with. Upon arriving, I stumbled through a conversation, trying to explain in French that I was an invited journalist, and thus not on the attendee list, only to look down and find out […]

Sometimes Social Doesn't mean Facebook…

Sometimes Social Doesn't mean Facebook…

This past weekend I stopped by ESCP Europe to see how their Social Edition of Startup Weekend Paris was going. I got invited to be a Jury Member for the teams, but I stopped by first to listen to Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto about GK’s vision, accomplishments and mindset. For those unfamiliar with GK (like […]

I'm sorry, did you think French companies don't acquire?

I'm sorry, did you think French companies don't acquire?

It's true. French companies don't have the same acquisition culture as some of the American tech darlings, like Google or Facebook. And it definitely doesn't help the local exit market. French and other European companies often look across the Atlantic when it comes time to go public or get acquired.But just because there are more exit opportunities elsewhere doesn't mean there are none at home.

French Policy prevents Netflix, but Encourages Illegal Downloads

This Post is a Guest Post by Willy Braun. Willy is a Paris-Based blogger from Toulouse, who currently works for EBG,  the biggest professional community in new technologies. He also hosts his own French-language blog, Brocooli. In France, we LOVE movies & TV shows. But we don’t have an SVOD service like Netflix. Instead, We wait […]

7 Rules to Follow if you Want to be Followed

I boast a quite curated social network experience. I follow a limited number of people, I organize my facebook friends extensively (and I post to appropriate sections, usually). When I meet people who follow 2,000 people, I ask them how they read their news feed, and they laugh at me, like I’m crazy to not […]

Coming up for Air – Internet Addiction

Take a deep breath and dive down below. At first that sensation of that last deep breath feels great – you have something that nothing else around you does. Slowly your body, expecting another breath, finds you don’t have the means to do so. While you try to explore underwater, looking around you and distracting […]

Actually, maybe you shouldn't speak English in your startup…

Here at the Rude Baguette we’re pretty strong supporters of the English-language movement in the French startup scene.  Like other observers of the tech scenes in France and other parts of Europe, we tend to support initiatives such as Le Camping’s attempt to create a (mostly) English-only working environment.  And you, French entrepreneur, should probably launch your startup in […]

French product recommendation of the week: SPARROW

This week's French product recommendation goes out to Sparrow, a fabulous mail client for Mac developed in France.

Friday Humor: This is NOT a French Entrepreneur under stress

There are many ways to deal with stress. Some people scream, some people cry and some people, uh...well...

RUDE Roundup: This Week In France…

Yeehaw, it's time for the Rude Roundup! Every Friday we'll bring you some of the hottest news from the past week. So feel free to take a snooze from Monday-Thursday, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop on what went down and what's coming up from acquisitions to events.