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@Jason Calacanis doing the TWiST in Paris Nov. 12th

Jason Calacanis – reporter, entrepreneur, conference organizer, Angel investor and Arrington Nemesis  – is coming to Paris for the 5th edition of the “Paris Meetup” special episode of his web series This Week In Startups. He will be joined by his co-host, Tyler Crowley for a live-streamed episode featuring the “Shark Tank,” a fire-side Q&A, and, […]

France's Brittany gets its own Facebook

France's Brittany gets its own Facebook

No, not Britney. But B-r-i-t-t-a-n-y. You know, the region in the north west of France, known as "Bretagne" to the French and "Breizh" to the local population. It's a French region unlike the others, with its strong Celtic roots and local language that closely resembles Welsh (yes, French is still the official language, calm down). It's the home of French writer Chateaubriand, crêpes and nationalist writer-historian Ernst Renan (whose famous essay "What is a nation?" not-so-subtly argued that the populations

We can haz a logo !

We can haz a logo !

Liam and I are absolutely thrilled by the amazing reactions and support we’ve been getting for our project this week. So a HUGE thank you to everyone. In a far away place… Tons of people have reached out offering different ways to help our project. Even if you’re based in Botswana, if you’ve got an […]

Do French Entrepreneurs have Enough Experience?

The startup mentality is great: “this is wrong; I’m going to fix it.” This kind of innovative thinking disrupts how we travel, talk to friends, look at data, keep track of fans, spread music, and more…. In the startup world, quite often we see former employees of big companies creating a startup because their experience […]

Bring TC Disrupt to Paris!

This past weekend TechCrunch went to China for a Beijing-edition of TechCrunch Disrupt. The event seemed to be a huge success, and wherever TechCrunch goes, crowds of startups and an over-sized check for $50,000 follows. On Facebook, TechCrunch posed the question “Where would you like to see TechCrunch Disrupt next?” Most likely just to get […]

Uh oh, Autolib stations = more free parking

OK, so some people seemed less interested in the tweet post from yesterday about Siri being a little politically ignorant. But I think a daily tweet from the French community adds a little flavor to the site… Up today is and founder Pierre Beyssac, who noticed that the new Autolib stations in Paris are […]

Diversity in French startups: a really (un)touchy subject

It comes as no surprise that the US media is pointing fingers at Michael Arrington and that the TechCrunch star is once again under fire. After all, he’s been spit on, gotten into a “friendly” fight with Loic Le Meur, called out prominent Silicon Valley investors and given them a bit of a scare – and he even […]