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3 Takeaways from Deloitte's Fast 500

This past week, Deloitte released it’s annual list of the 500 fastest growing EMEA technology companies, and the results are pretty interesting. The most interesting point is probably that Logic Bilisim, the top growing technology company with %28617 gr0wth, is from Turkey. I thought I’d take look at the list and find some takeaways that could […]

Where are all the startup Bassists and Drummers?

Where are all the startup Bassists and Drummers?

Last week I talked about the real “Biz Guy” is, today I wanna talk about another invaluable type of startuper – one who carries the rhythm, the backup, and the soul of the startups. Everyone wants to be a Rockstar… When we’re growing up, we always picture ourselves as the lead singers, lead guitarists, and […]

The Trouble with Blog Comments

The Trouble with Blog Comments

I began blogging on New Years eve 2009 (sad, but true). That was almost 2 years ago. And this isn't the first time I am dealing with an issue involving problematic blog comments...

Mathieu Lhoumeau raised $0 Million for Contract Live

Scrolling through startup articles, it almost seems like we’re being told interesting information. After all, articles include verbs, like Raises (funds) and there are big shiny numbers, like 20 Million – we read through the rewritten press release, and the author might even give their executive opinion on the product. From a journalist’s point of […]

The problem with Smartdate

For anyone who has been following the story concerning French dating startup Smartdate, there is clearly a lot of intentional ambiguity. For the moment, the investors in the company have either refrained from commenting or simply stated that there was a mutual disagreement that has left the company's future a bit up in the air (potentially with some of the investors leaving the board).

Smartdate, the French startup everyone is asking questions about

First off, for anyone who doesn't know Smartdate, it's often defined as the French Zoosk. It's a Facebook-based dating platform that helps you date people within your online network. The company officially launched in March 2010 raised some €5.5 million with 360 Capital and 2 well-known French entrepreneurs (in the country where it is supposedly impossible to raise money), launched its platform in 6 different languages and accumulated 650K members within a year.

Bref.The French TV show that is now a video CV.

For anyone who lives outside of France, there's a new show that has taken over the country.

The most roundabout online dating I've EVER seen!

I sometimes find comfort in searching the oddjobs section of Craigslist. I found my first Parisian apartment there, my current job there, and between the constant creepy requests for “food models,” I think it’s got the best gems. This is why I cracked up when I saw this post: if you’re a little sleep-deprived, it […]

Coockly, the worst French startup name?

Now, you all know that I'm not one to usually criticize French startups or entrepreneurs. And I'm not about to criticize what anyone is actually doing (well, at least not in this article). But every now and then I come across a French startup name and giggle to myself, thinking "uh, really?" But recently I came across one startup name and I just couldn't let it get away...

How Polaris & Dublin can help European startups get to the US

I spent last week in Dublin, where I visited a bunch of great spots in the Dublin tech scene, including the brand new startup accelerator,  Dogpatch Labs Europe.  Note the word, Europe.  Not just Dublin, but Europe. This is notable because Dogpatch Labs is run by Polaris Ventures, the US VC firm.  Polaris already has Dotpatches in Silicon […]