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Despite threats of US retaliation, the UK will tax tech giants, with support from Europe’s digital policy chief

The UK will move forward with its plan to tax multinational digital firms, despite retaliatory threats from US officials, chancellor Sajid Javid said at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this week, according to The Guardian. “We plan to go ahead with our digital services tax in April,” he said. “It is a proportionate tax, and […]

On Giving out Equity to Employees in French Startups

On Giving out Equity to Employees in French Startups

One major inconvenience in VC investing in French startups which consistently raises its ugly head is the complexity to incentivize key personnel with equity. I’m not referring to the employees who eschew the upside potential afforded by equity in favor of fixed pay with high job security. While certainly understandable at certain positions in a […]

Meanwhile in France: Apple to pay 5 Million € in unpaid taxes on 2011 iPads sales

Meanwhile in France: Apple to pay 5 Million € in unpaid taxes on 2011 iPads sales

Apple’s been in the spotlight quite a lot recently, and it seems that the company with $137 Billion as of January 2013 just can’t get a break. The French association SACEM, which controls royalties paid out to authors, announced this week that Apple failed to pay 5 Million euros in royalties taxes on iPads sold […]

Rude VC: Governments’ bite of the Apple

There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth recently about Apple’s alleged dodging of paying taxes on tens of billions of profits from 2009~2012. Incidentally, that’s merely what the U.S. government deems it forfeited. Apple of course pays a paltry tax bill in France, despite the fact the France remains the world’s third best […]

Microsoft contests 52 Million euro back-taxes in France

French tax authorities are asking for 52 Million euros from Microsoft for what it refers to as ‘redressement social,’ essentially undeclared taxes that it declared via its Dublin-based European HQ between 2007 and 2009. Microsoft, who has already announced it will contest the claim, says that it legally registered all sales in Ireland, and delivered […]

Here’s some new Tax Credits just for French startups

The 2013 French Finance law, voted last December, has been a hot topic in the startup community because of a controversial capital gains tax hike proposal. The directions for the new law were set in the National Pact for Growth, a set of measures aimed at helping SMEs grow by fostering innovation, among other things. Apart […]

French corporate taxes improve for 2013. Now only the 3rd worst in Europe

A recent report by Pricewaterhousecoopers comparing tax systems and rates across all countries for 2013 reveals which countries have the most attractive tax systems. Originally brought to our attention by LeFigaro, the report looked at each country in terms of how high taxes work (broken into labor, corporate, and social charges), the administrative impact of paying […]

Marissa must be doing well 'cause France wants Yahoo's tax money

Chapter 7 of the ongoing sage of “France Tax Authorities investigate Multinational Tech Companies,” with this week’s target being none other than Yahoo! France. Originally reported on BFMTV, Yahoo! France reportedly paid just €462K in taxes on €79 Million in revnue in 2011, or .58% of their revenue. Yahoo joins the likes of Ebay/Paypal, Facebook, […]

Ebay & Paypal star in the latest episode of "investigations into tax evasion in France"

I remember the pilot episode like it was just yesterday: the “do no evil” anti-hero Google confidently strolls in and out of government hearings, proclaiming loudly “we take all European tax regulations seriously,” meanwhile figures showed that Google was earning at least €1 Billion in revenues from French customers, but allegedly did all its business out […]

After Google and Amazon, French tax authorities target Facebook

In recent weeks, we’ve been covering quite extensively Google and their quarrels with the French government. An attempt to re-instate the Google Tax led to French media banding together to propose a law forcing Google to pay royalties for snippets used on Google sites. This all happened as French tax authorities investigate Google France & Google […]