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After selling the bulk of its stake in Activision, is SFR the next to go for Vivendi?

After selling 85% of their stake in Activision last week, Les Echos reported that Vivendi is studying the possibility of selling SFR, its largest telecoms operation. Given their debt challenges and shaky performance of late, they’re particularly looking at how to divest the French telco without disrupting their stock price or negatively affecting their (already […]

In 2012, Mobile service prices dropped 11% due to Free Mobile (of course)

In 2012, Mobile service prices dropped 11% due to Free Mobile (of course)

Free’s entry into the mobile space continues to profoundly transform the French mobile space. According to 2012 figures from ARCEP, mobile contract prices in France dropped 11,4% in 2012 pretty much entirely due to the Free effect. This drop was consistent when looking at mobile contract pricing (with engagement), which declined 12%. For mobile services […]

S&P highlights French mobile operator troubles, takes France Telecom down a grade

S&P highlights French mobile operator troubles, takes France Telecom down a grade

Citing concerns about mobile pricing pressure in the French market and an anticipated big drop in France Telecom / Orange’s earnings, S&P has decided to follow Fitch’s lead and cut France Telecom’s debt rating to BBB+, the third lowest investment grade. This cut puts France Telecom somewhere in the middle of the European telco pack […]

Consumer complaints about mobile services skyrocketing in France

In 2012, Afutt (the French association for telcoms users) registered a record number of official complaints from subscribers about their mobile service. Although mobile contracts are getting cheaper and cheaper thanks to newbie Free Mobile as well as the incumbents who’ve been playing catch-up, consumers don’t look to any happier with their mobile services. In fact, […]

Following Bouygues, Orange’s and SFR’s low-cost offers both hit 1 million subscribers

Although Free threw them for a loop when they launched their mobile offer last year, the three ‘old school’ mobile operators look to finally be adapting to a radically altered space. Last month Bouygues was the first ‘old school’ telco to reach the 1 million subscriber market with their B&You low-cost offer late 2012. Now […]

In France, NYE SMS sees decline as MMS and new platforms rise

Although sending a SMS is still the prefered way to say ‘Happy New Year’ in France, things are starting to change.  According to early estimates published in Les Echos, at least 600 million SMS were sent in France as 2013 descended upon us.  SFR alone logged 280 million between 21h on the 31st and 9h the […]

Orange and SFR both facing hefty anti-competition fines

Another day, another drama in France’s chaotic mobile market.  France’s Authorité de la Concurrence (roughly translated, ‘Competivity Authority’) has announced that SFR and Orange have been found guilty of anti-competitive practices during the period of 2005 – 2008.  As a result, the Authority ordered Orange and SFR to pay €117.5 million and €65.7 million respectively. […]

The Mobile Operator Cluster Fuck – The Saga Continues

It seems like the four major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can’t stay out of the news these days, as Challenges reported yesterday that Bouygues Telecom (3rd largest operator in France) is suing Iliad ( parent company of Free Mobile, the 4th largest mobile operator in France, launched earlier this year) for €100 Million for an […]

SFR closes its chic concept store 'Le Studio'

SFR and its partner SFD (the company managing Le Studio) have announced that they will be closing their concept store, “Le Studio”, located in Paris’ upscale 8th arrondissement.  Le Studio opened is doors in 2008 and was, above all, about offering their customers an unsurpassed ‘luxury’ service experience.  It was unique in the sense that […]

High Speed Internet falls short in 1.7 Million User Test

Recently, the magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs(“60 Million Consumers”) released a study on high speed Internet, testing the connection speed for over 1.7 million consumers in France between January 2011 and May 2012. As reported by Numerama[FR], the study showed that, while most operators advertise high-speed internet as 10Mb/s, 50Mb/s, or even 100Mb/s, the reality is […]