Curioos rolls out lower prices and iPhone cases for their digital art store


Curioos has been pushing along with we last talked to him back in January. The Digital Art Factory, which allows users to buy professional prints from independent digital artists, has recently rolled out its Spring Collection, curated by blogger/trendmaker Eleonor Bridge. Curioos prints all the art themselves in their art studio located just south of Pere Lachaise in Paris, a differentiation from other digital art sellers who rely on supplier for the prints.

Digital Art Prints that everyone can afford

I’ve been a fan of the service since I first saw their prints showcased at Start In Paris & LeWeb in 2011. The art is unique, and it’s something I would be happy to have in my apartment – but there was always a question of money. I wasn’t ready to fork out $100 for a painting – I know that’s not the case for big art fans, but nonetheless the service was inaccessible to me – until now. The site is rolling out $25 prints, at 8″ by 11″, big enough for me to appreciate on any wall, and allows me to buy several of them either slowly or all at once. I’m currently shopping for my first purchase.

iPhone Cases with Original Art – Now that’s Original

In addition, CEO Mathieu Valoatto told me that the next step is to role out iPhone cases for their whole collection. I’ve long since pondered the idea of getting kitchy iPhone cases, but I always knew the novelty of an Angry Birds iPhone case would quickly wear off – Curioos hopes that an art piece that strikes your fancy will look good in your pocket, and even better in your hand.
Mathieu also hinted that Curioos may be opening an office in New York – something I always love to see in a French startup. They’ll run into new competitors in the digital art printing space over there, but I’m sure the’ve learned a lot from their years in France, and they’ll explode onto the scene there.