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LeCamping has a new program manager for Season 4

Last week we broke the news that the Paris startup accelerator LeCamping would be saying au revoir to program manager Alice Zagury, who has been with the program since its inception in 2009. Taking with her LeCamping’s most recent Entrepreneur in Residence Oussama Ammar to launch a new Paris accelerator, there was a big hole […]

LeCamping Manager & EIR to launch TheFamily, an early-stage accelerator

LeCamping Manager & EIR to launch TheFamily, an early-stage accelerator

According to LinkedIn, LeCamping‘s manager, Alice Zagury, and the most recent Entrepreneur in Residence Oussama Ammar, will not be joining LeCamping for another season, and have instead partnered up to launch TheFamily. Described as an “accelerator for early-stage startups to support them from [0] to [1] through education & unfair advantages,” TheFamily sounds quite similar to […]

LeCamping: Season 4 Applications Open – Why should you apply?

LeCamping: Season 4 Applications Open – Why should you apply?

With Season 3 safely behind them, LeCamping has opened up applications to Season 4 of its 6 month accelerator program, which will go from March until August 2013. The applications are open today, available on their website, and will close at the end of January. The Paris-based accelerator has already seen 36 startups go through, […]

Rubbing the magic lamp, LoungeUp transforms hotel customer service.

Let’s start with me: make my wish your command. Magic lamps equipped with blue genies, unlimited wishes, and all that. What would I ask for first? Enhanced customer service that is a social experience. Differentiating one hotel from another is no longer based on towel softness or pool access, it is based on meeting the diverse yet […]

qunb: The Youtube of Statistical Data. Graph Everything.

Yesterday LeCamping Season 2 company qunb finally opened their search engine for finding, compiling, and comparing figures to the pub. The company has build its platform of open data and aggregated data on the basis of one premise: researching figures is hard, and it shouldn’t be. With a rapidly growing list of sources for data, […]

Trends in French startups according to LeCamping's season 3 Startups

Accelerators have the great privilege of making the first ‘selection’ of which startups have potential, and which ones need to be re-thought. I often take a look at an accelerator’s selection of startups to identify what trends seem to be popping up in the ecosystem. This past monday, LeCamping announced the 12 startups in their […]

Accelerators and Incubators and Offices, oh my! Where to take your startup idea?

LeCamping announced recently that its applications are open for the third season of its accelerator program. The season three applications are available until April 13, and the program will run from June until November. With just a few weeks left in their season 2 session, emerging startups might be asking themselves whether an accelerator program is what […]

The rise of Social Shopping in France

As the market share of smartphones in France grows, so do the different markets which are ripe for innovation – one of them is shopping. While initial hypotheses may have assumed that price-comparison would be the way to go, it seems that not only are major supermarket chains unwilling to play the price comparison game, […]