LeCamping has a new program manager for Season 4


lecampingLast week we broke the news that the Paris startup accelerator LeCamping would be saying au revoir to program manager Alice Zagury, who has been with the program since its inception in 2009. Taking with her LeCamping’s most recent Entrepreneur in Residence Oussama Ammar to launch a new Paris accelerator, there was a big hole in the LeCamping program, which has apparently been filled.

Former Community Manager for LeCamping and right-hand woman to Zagury, Elise Nebout has recently updated her LinkedIn profile from Community Manager to “LeCaming Program Manager.” Elise has been heavily involved with LeCamping events, maintaining the blog and social media since Season 2, so there’s no doubt she knows the gist of the role she’s about to undertake. It remains to be seen whether she will have the same charisma as Alice, who pushed LeCamping startups and got her foot in the door with her no-bullshit attitude.

LeCamping has replaced the Community Manager role with Aviva Markowicz, who currently has a verbatim role on the LeCamping Team page as Elise, likely because they have yet to update Elise’s role (Alice and Oussama are also still visible on the team page). Markowicz’s LinkedIn profile says she started working at LeCamping in December – she previously worked as a Junior Consultant in Telecom & Innovation, as well as a marketing manager for an unnamed Paris Social Shopping startup.

With just 10 days left to apply for LeCamping’s Season 4 session, it will be interesting to see how & if these changes affect people’s interest in applying to LeCamping. LeCamping released questionable results figures at the end of Season 3, as well, though as some readers have pointed out, “LeCamping is the best accelerator in Paris,” so I guess it’ll have to do for now.

What do you think of the recent changes & results from LeCamping? Would you apply? Have you applied for Season 4?