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French fintech FORMANCE raises $3.1 million for real-time payment flows

FORMANCE, a Paris-based fintech startup, has raised $3.1 million for real-time payment flows. The company, which designs low code solutions to create payment flows in real-time has tapped $3.1 million on a round. The round was co-headed by Hoxton Ventures and Frst and supported by Y Combinator and angel investors, including Don Hoang, Revolut’s former […]

French tech scene: expectation and prediction in 2022

French tech scene: expectation and prediction in 2022

There has been a rapid growth of the French tech ecosystem in recent years. This is mostly due to an influx of top-notch young professionals, rising VC investments, and an ecosystem that promotes growth. La French Tech is one of the supporting movements attempting to promote the French tech scene. It has been working since its […]

From farming to phones: five French startups making a difference

From farming to phones: five French startups making a difference

Many startups claim that they’re trying to make the world a better place—though there’s often confusion between startups which make our individual lives better and startups which genuinely give back as part of their business model. As an example, Deliveroo may make your life better by allowing you to satisfy that sushi craving at any […]

#FrenchTechFriday : Archive Valley joins 9 other startups at the Berlinale

Back in August 2018, we had introduced Archive Valley: a French startup dedicated to providing archive footage to filmmakers. It’s only been a few months but they have been very busy indeed. And they are starting year 2019 with an invitation at the Berlinale.   Getting the numbers up at Archive Valley   Archive Valley […]

#FrenchTechFriday: customer service becomes Crisp and clear

We have all visited websites hosting a little bubble down in a corner. We’ve grown accustomed to being able to chat directly with someone on the other side of that web page. Many services offer this practical functionality. But not that many make it as simple as the French startup Crisp.   Content is King… […]

#FRENCHTECHDRIDAY: Ride with Horsealot

If there ever were a large worldwide community, it’s the family of horse-riders. Beyond borders and generations, whether for leisure or work, the horse-man bond has always been very strong. Yet, horse riders are scattered and it’s not easy to meet. That was before French Tech startup Horsealot came along. Alexandra Martel started riding at age 8. As […]

#FrenchTechFriday : Bringing families back together with Famileo

  [September 2018 update : Family has been awarded the French Tech Pass, for startups in hyper-growth] Remember that time when the grand-parents had the whole family around? Tell stories and treat the kids. Now that link is often broken and the elders are cut off from the rest of the family. How do you […]

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Hungry Up – FoodTech and tradition

The French have this thing about lunchtime. Lunchtime is food time, and good food time if possible. Lunchtime is a moment to talk, to chill, to enjoy. Lunchtime in France takes time, maybe too much. French FoodTech startup “Hungry Up” thought up a way to enjoy only the best part of lunchtime. The downside of […]