#FrenchTechFriday : Archive Valley joins 9 other startups at the Berlinale

#FrenchTechFriday : Archive Valley joins 9 other startups at the Berlinale
Back in August 2018, we had introduced Archive Valley: a French startup dedicated to providing archive footage to filmmakers. It’s only been a few months but they have been very busy indeed. And they are starting year 2019 with an invitation at the Berlinale.

Getting the numbers up at Archive Valley

Archive Valley is a service that provides filmmakers with access to archive footage. Either by indexing the huge global resources available or by networking with archive researchers. They work in the dark but have contributed to many films, documentaries, and tv series. For instance, when the producers of tv series Narcos needed archive footage, Archive Valley provided them with a local Mexican researcher for specific footage. Besides this series, the Archive Valley team has kept busy. They have contributed to Dictators’ playbook, 1968 the year that changed America, a Miles Davis documentary that will premiere at Sundance, and Active Measures.
Academy awards 2019 nominees are coming out. The documentaries section has been announced and Archive Valley, once again, has contributed. They have also participated in the making of one of the nominees for Best Picture but you’ll have to wait a little bit before disclosure.

Big plans for 2019

The year kicks off really well for Archive Valley as they have been invited to attend the Berlin Film Festival : The Berlinale. The European Film Market (EFM) is staged during the festival and, this year, 10 film industry related startups have been invited.
This will provide a perfect platform to showcase their new features. Now that Archive Valley has gained notoriety in the film industry, they have launched subscription plans to accommodate all needs. Plans for 3, 6 or 12 months (for those with long-term needs) and smaller, project-based plans.
User numbers have increased by 25% and 12 more countries have joined in (adding up to 82). Work has been put in the interface to provide even faster matching.
Obviously, getting the word across to filmmakers is key therefore the team will attend other festivals this year. Among the most prestigious are Sundance, and the MIP.
Fundraising is expected later on as Archive Valley’s is becoming the go-to platform for global archive footage.