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Mixed Feelings about Pellerins SayOuiToFrance Speech

Yesterday at MIT’s EmTech, an annual conference focused on emerging technologies and their impact, Minister of the Digitale Economy Fleur Pellerin gave a speech entitled: France as an Incubator of Innovation. During the talk, Pellerin announced the launch of (yeah, I’m also shocked that domain was available), an English-language site which looks to encourage businesses to invest in […]

Tariq Krim has 5 ideas to Disrupt France

Tariq Krim has 5 ideas to Disrupt France

There’s been much debate this week across the media about whether the government’s digital agenda as presented by Fleur Pellerin is truly proposing anything new and, with initiatives such as ParisTechCity, whether it might actually be going in the wrong direction.  While it’s true that it’s undoubtedly positive that digital economy is playing such a […]

Paris Capitale Startup is a Huge Mistake by Pellerin

Paris Capitale Startup is a Huge Mistake by Pellerin

While a battle rages on between entrepreneurs & investors against the government’s proposed laws, dubbed The Pigeon Movement, Minister of the Digital Economy Fleur Pellerin has announced today her intention to build a tech hub for Paris. According to La Tribune, Fleur Pellerin has been inspired by London’s £10 Billion project “UK Tech City,” which […]

Facebook called to answer for its crimes in France

In the wake of Facegate, Facebook France has been called to answer to the data watchdog CNIL “The national commission for the liberty of data.” The demand was made by ministers Arnaud Montebourg & Fleur Pellerin, in charge of industrial renewal and the digital economy, respectively. Facebook is being asked to address claims that private […]

Hadopi may be dead as soon as September 2012

In the beginning of the month, Minister of Culture Aurelie Filippetti announced that Hadopi, the anti-pirating law introduced in France in 2009, will have its 2013 budget rethought when it comes up for discussion in 2013 – until then, it will be able to eat up its €11.1M annual budget for 2012. This announcement comes […]

Gilles Babinet: Entrepreneur, Investor, Politician

In one of the first conferences I attended in France, Failcon France,  I got the opportunity to see an interview with Gilles Babinet. At the time, I didn’t know Xavier Niel from Professor Xavier, let alone who Gilles Babinet was, but whenever an entrepreneur-turned investor gives you an account of his experiences & thoughts, you […]

Web2Day Wrap-Up – Fleur Pellerin, Collaborative Consumption, & $22 Billion

I had the wonderful pleasure not only to be a media partner, but to speak at Web2Day in Nantes last week, and the first thing I’d like to say is that, once again, Nantes punches above its weight class. This two-day event featured startups from all over France, speakers from all backgrounds, and they even […]

How the Internet and Open Data play into the policies of the new French government

After confirming the structure of his new government last week,  newly appointed Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault kicked-off his tenure by announcing that of all members of new government have signed on to a far-reaching code of ethics.  One of the key themes contained within the code of ethics is transparency around government policies and actions which […]