APPLE dethroned by Saudi  Aramco as the most valuable company

Saudi Arabian oil company, Aramco, has surpassed Apple by becoming the most valuable company. The development is a result of surging oil prices and increased shares while tech giant’s stocks keep plummeting.  Aramco is Saudi Arabia’s national petroleum and natural gas company. Currently, it’s viewed as the largest oil company in the world.  At the […]

Legaltech provider Evisort discloses $100 million in funding, led TCV

Legaltech provider Evisort discloses $100 million in funding, led TCV

Evisort, a prominent company in contract management and analysis made a public announcement today over a $100 million capital raised in funding for the year. It also includes equity and ventures debt financing.  The company develops AI-powered software for legal firms. And helps companies analyze contract proceedings and documentation.  The project’s series C funding was […]

<strong>Crowdcube is launching its equity crowdfunding solutions in France.</strong>

Crowdcube is launching its equity crowdfunding solutions in France.

Equity crowdfunding is more popular in the US or UK than in France as few French startups turn to their user communities to raise new funding. Now, Crowdcube is bringing its equity crowdfunding solutions to France. Due to the latest regulatory changes, Crowdcube, a British investment platform, is officially launching in the French market. It […]

US Stock hits rock bottom.

Today, the US stock has regressed in the new market week. Investors are on the brink after multiple trials to rebound the market structure in previous weeks. Investors are keeping an owl’s sight on the inflation and consumer spending amidst the federal reserves. On Monday, the S&P 500 dipped at a rate of 0.7% at […]

Investors are turning cautious on Chinese stocks amidst growth concerns

EPFR Global has reported that investors are growingly cautious about Chinese stocks, particularly those listed overseas.  This increasingly cautiousness is seen mostly in the first quarter of 2022, which was hit by geopolitical tensions and growth concerns. According to the data, the era closed with over $20 billion in net inflows to mainland Chinese stocks. However, […]

Three crypto predictions for 2022

Cryptocurrency is fast changing the world as we know it. More and more countries are beginning to accept Bitcoin, crypto’s biggest currency as legal tender. Opportunities in the crypto market are beginning to increase exponentially.  As with other markets, there are certain trends that should be expected of the crypto market. In this short piece, […]

Bill Gates steps down from the Microsoft board, to focus on philanthropy

Microsoft co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates announced Friday that he’s stepping down from the company’s board, planning to “dedicate more time to his philanthropic priorities” in global health, education, and climate change, according to BBC News. His philanthropic work has often focused on addressing disease and epidemics, and his announcement comes as the world faces […]

Amazon has started offering its cashierless checkout system to other retailers

Amazon has begun marketing its cashierless checkout technology directly to other retailers, offering a system that allows customers to simply walk out of stores, paying for their purchases automatically, according to The Verge.  Amazon explains in its website FAQ: “We built Just Walk Out technology leveraging the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer […]

Funding for Europe’s proptech sector has soared 550% in five years, new report shows

Proptech companies are surging in Europe, with a 550 percent growth in funding over the last five years, according to a new report, suggesting steady expansion for a relatively new sector in Europe.  The research was conducted by Proptech1 Ventures, a German proptech investment fund. It shows that just €77 million was invested in the proptech […]

Cloud-based banking services platform Thought Machine raises $83m in Series B funding

The London-based fintech startup Thought Machine has raised $83 million in a Series B funding round, for its cloud-based platform providing digital banking services for both challenger and legacy banks, according to TechCrunch.  Both conventional, legacy banks and newer banking startups are offering a range of digital services to customers. Banking services that once required a […]