Lift14, continuing to push the envelope on the innovation debate

Each year in February the center of gravity of innovation discussion and debate shifts to Geneva for the annual Lift Conference. The Lift experience is quite different the one you may have at other well-known tech oriented conferences in that it fully immerses its attendees in the question of how to make ‘innovation happen’.  Sometimes […]

I attended the US MAC market expansion program. Here’s what I think.

I attended the US MAC market expansion program. Here’s what I think.

Back in June 2013, CapDigital announced the first edition of ScaleUp, a new Silicon Valley immersion program for startups, set up in partnership with US MAC. The program is divided in two parts, a preparation that takes place remotely and a trip to Silicon Valley / the San Francisco Bay area. I just came back […]

[CES] Staying relevant after cloud storage, how LaCie raised the bar for local hard drives

[CES] Staying relevant after cloud storage, how LaCie raised the bar for local hard drives

LaCie is at CES and has just announced 3 new products for its file storage product lineup. The French company is known for its high quality standards and exquisite design, and with the new launch the company steps up the bar – at least where design is concerned. In a cloud connected generation consumer storage companies […]

[CES 2014] Netatmo’s June UV-sensor wristband tells you how much sun is too much.

Connected objects startup Netatmo has been using hardware to take care of your home for the past few years, with its connected smoke detector & its air-quality detector; however, it seems Netatmo was really looking to make life easier for families. In Las Vegas this week at CES, you’ll find founder Fred Potter and the Netatmo team […]

Take Off Conference is back for its 2nd edition 30-31 January

Having launched a highly successful first edition in 2013, Take Off Conference is back and better than ever. As with last year’s edition, Take Off will again be held at Euratechnologies, Lille’s rising tech hub. Squarely focused on techies and digital innovators,Take-off seeks to bring together engineers, creators and technology managers to meet and learn […]

Lift14, once again making innovation happen on Feb 5-7th

A conference quite unlike any other Each February, one of the top conferences on innovation takes-off in Geneva – Lift. Amongst the many things that Lift does well is approach the topic of innovation from a holistic perspective. So instead of focusing exclusively on the science, research or financing of innovation, they ask how these […]

What do women entrepreneurs have to do with your Christmas shopping list?

What are you buying the little girl in your life for Christmas? Paul Papadimitriou moderated a panel at LeWeb 2013 consisting of three very successful entrepreneurs who happen to be women. Papadimitriou was oozing with European class as he brilliantly lead the ladies past the awkward Women in Tech discussion into a constructive conversation, pulling […]

[LeWeb] Why Are Cliché Sports Analogies Being Used to Explain Entrepreneurship?

The propensity for comparing rich people sports to entrepreneurship has hit an all time high. We now have kite surfing in Maui, skiing in Switzerland, golf on Pebble Beach and bungee jumping in Thailand. At LeWeb 2013, Loic brought in Jesse Richman, a world champion kiteboarder to drop some knowledge on the crowd of hopeful […]

Branding for developers: it’s way more than t-shirts

The following is a guest post from Michael Ferranti, a marketer and product guy living and working in San Francisco, USA. You can follow him on Twitter @ferrantim where your tweets in English and français are welcome, or on his blog. I’m lucky enough to be writing this post during a break at LeWeb in Paris, a conference celebrating […]

[LeWeb] 6 Pieces of Advice from Guy Kawasaki for Budding Entrepreneurs

The following is a guest post from Heather Russell, CEO of Rinkya & a thought-leader in the London Startup Scene. You can follow her on twitter at @heatherarussell I’ve heard A LOT about Guy Kawasaki over the years. Probably more than I wanted to hear yet EVERYTHING Guy has wanted me to hear whether I […]