4 Reasons to Upgrade your Evernote Account with Azendoo


You rely on tools like watches, alarms, notifications, calendars and moleskines to help “manage” your time. The real manipulation here is visualization, so long as we have our eggs lined up in a row, we can get cracking, so to speak.

There is no better way to evolve the culture of your team than by using effective time management tools. This doesn’t mean sophisticated software or time travel. It means shopping for a tool that works best for your team, your clients, your life. 

“You know, I don’t actually have a to-do list manager. But I use Evernote, which isn’t particularly great for to-dos yet. Yet.”

-Evernote CEO, I’m Phil Libin and this is How I Work

He may have just found “the One” in the city of love. Azendoo’s management tools now synchronize seamlessly with Evernote.  Azendoo comes as no surprise to the Paris start-up community, which raised € 1.3 million from Halisol Group last July. Evernote will likely promote Azendoo as a social task management tool- available as a web app and on the iPhone, Android, and iPad. The two haven’t spent a dime on aggressive ad/social media campaigns but have naturally grown by using standard but reliable practices of word-of-mouth. Here’s 4 reasons why:

screenshot azd taskboard

1. Task management for the Cloud


Why does retrievable, stored and digital records of our “stuff” on the internet sound so sexy? On Azendoo you can share your Evernote clippings, videos, and lists with everyone on your 2-5 person team  (you can opt for 50 and beyond). You elect members to join your team when you open an account. From there you share a space for the storage and distribution of secure data.

2. Email Kills your Productivity

Americans spend 80% of their time on the internet by “cyberloafing” according to a recent study on work habits. Email is lonely and disorganized like the vast space of our minds- because it gives priority to YOU the user. Azendoo grew in part from this frustration. The cooperative space of Azendoo uniquely gives priority to the subject (projects or documents) not the user. A little accountability an interface ergonomics goes a long way providing avenues of focus called ‘context’ to which everyone on the team contributes in real-time.

3. Social Team Productivity

As seen on a Quora board for Evernote complaints:

 “I’d say, options for collaboration and sharing are missing.”

– Andrea Yip, MPH, Founder of ThePublicHealthStudio.com

Azendoo may as well transform your team by building trust and offering adventurous ways to communicate. Like I said, it’s not a fancy workspace suite or as barbaric as an email inbox. It allows for uninterrupted and and undelayed lines of communication where management across the team is clear and horizontal.

4. A Balanced Tool, A Balanced Life

Azendoo teamAzendoo was adopted already in 56 countries and before they dominate the US market, they plan to maintain value to their first customers- the Azendoo team. Greg Lefort is a User first, before a CEO of Azendoo. His ‘zen’ productivity starts bright and early at 6:30 AM. He then dedicates his attention to a handful of kids getting ready for school. At 8:00 AM he is in the office and still hasn’t checked his email. At 10:00 AM Greg is making his way to his first meeting of the day discussing the interface with partners, current big-name US clients, like Wikipedia and Groupon. He attends 3-4 meetings, and has a running checklist on Azendoo shared with his team that gets completed just when “la circulation” hits Paris at 7:30 PM.

Like the shortening of a telomere, the end pieces of DNA that determine our natural life on earth, a ridiculous amount of time in our daily lives will be wasted and lost forever.

Miss those deadlines. Hit the snooze button. or sign up for Azendoo.

Feature vs. Price Comparison 

Free Upgrade Premium
Azendoo Free 100MB (5 members) $ 5 for 1 GB (5 members and up) $9 for Unlimited
Evernote Free 25MB per note $ 5 for 1 GB $10 for Business Premium