Miruna Mitranescu

French Startups: move to Bulgaria and LAUNCHub will give you €200K

LAUNCHub, the seed fund and accelerator program from Sofia, Bulgaria, has opened its fourth application call for financing startups, applications ending on November 3d 2013. Despite originally being reserved to South and Eastern Europe, LAUNCHub is now welcoming startups from all over Europe. Since 2012, LAUNCHub has invested 2 million € in 25 companies situated mainly […]

Approaching €100 Million, Dailymotion to open office in the Land of the Rising Sun

Approaching €100 Million, Dailymotion to open office in the Land of the Rising Sun

It’s been some time now that the French press is watching closely every move Dailymotion is making, mainly because of the French government intervention last spring putting an end to the Dailymotion Yahoo deal. Dailymotion and a few UK media announced several days ago a new partnership between the two parties consisting in Dailymotion appointing […]

Open Innovation Forum to prove Russia’s will of being key part of the game changing economy

Open Innovation Forum to prove Russia’s will of being key part of the game changing economy

From the 31 October to the 2nd of November there will be held in Moscow Russia the second edition of the Open Innovation Forum a 2 days-long event centered around the ideas of innovation and disruptive technologies which power the new game changing dynamics in industry and economy. This second edition has invited France as […]

Startup Sauna and SLUSH to heat up the pitching competition in Paris on October 15th

Pitching competition tours around Europe are getting more and more frequent, and Paris is evidently one of the top places to stop. If you are a young French startup willing to impress people in the industry, raise (more) funds or simply improve your pitching skills, then save the date on October 15th, as Startup Sauna […]

Mash Up makes its comeback with networking focused event # 10

Networking is important for all of us at whatever moment of our professional lives. Often neglected, its importance can be underestimated by being considered as a “natural” act, when in reality there is a lot to be learned about it. With these premises in mind, Mash Up the organization for student entrepreneurship is back in […]

Paris finally gets on board with Growth Hacking – first meeting sees 150 attend

I attended Wednesday evening an excellent meet up about the hot topic of the moment: growth hacking. The meet up was held by The Family one of Paris’ newest and fanciest accelerators. Despite being a very accurate, well documented resumé of the variety of articles out there, as first event of this type the meet […]

Startup Rally rolls through Paris – A Review

After touring some European cities like London, Berlin, Vienna, and others, Startup Rally arrived in Paris yesterday evening hosted at La Cantine. The event is being organized by Leto, a London-based agency specialized in creating websites and mobile apps and sponsored by Innovation Warehouse, a London-based accelerator for entrepreneurs, investors and innovators which delivered the […]

Just.me combines social, storage, and messaging into one mobile app

Just.me presents itself as a holistic app with a global approach on messaging and a wide view of its horizons. The team has aimed high by a massive launch in 155 countries in 32 languages, investing Android, OS and HTML and having raised money from Khosla Ventures, Google Ventures, CrunchFund, SV Angel among others. Ninety […]

Five reasons why the Vogue Paris iPad app sucks

Let me start by saying that I enjoy reading on my iPad. I also like Vogue magazine for their great content and awesome fashion editorials, to my mind better than Vogue Us ones. From this point of view Emmanuelle Alt and her team are doing a great job! Where Vogue Paris is not doing such […]