Open Innovation Forum to prove Russia’s will of being key part of the game changing economy

Open Innovation Forum to prove Russia’s will of being key part of the game changing economy

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From the 31 October to the 2nd of November there will be held in Moscow Russia the second edition of the Open Innovation Forum a 2 days-long event centered around the ideas of innovation and disruptive technologies which power the new game changing dynamics in industry and economy.

This second edition has invited France as privileged partner country and the French Prime-Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault is officially sponsoring and speaking at the first day Plenary Session entitled “ Proven state leadership strategies in a hyper-connected world” . The event welcomes many speakers involved in innovation and disruptive technologies field from around the world, among them famous names as Mike Butcher European Editor at Large at TechCrunch, Samuel Ralph CEO of Mobilium Global, Peter Diamandis co-Founder & Executive Chairman of the Singularity University, Jason Pontin Editor in Chief of MIT Technology Review just to mention a few of them. As last year, the Forum will have a special Youth Program starting October 30th which also involves startups (Russian and foreign) and VCs which gives the opportunity to get a closer look at the Russian startup scene.

By organizing an important event of this type with a plethora of invited speakers from around the world, Russia is aiming to establish itself as an important pole of the changing economy and a leading actor in the East European region at the least. The tech and startup ground is fertile and emergent in Russia today but improvement and development is still to be made. Although he Forum proposes interesting panel discussions like “New funding models for venture capital” or “Additive manufacturing and the next wave of technology supporting innovation assembly” it is by many of the themes proposed to debate an echo of the Russian Government’s activity which is passing measures and focusing more on treating subjects like energy, university research, biotechnology or spatial activities.


The registration is opened for participants who would like to attend the Open Innovation Forum until October 18th. However, Rude Baguette is offering a free ticket to the event which includes free lodging in Moscow. So if you would like to free a ticket like the embedded status above.