Here are the top hacks from the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2013 Hackathon

Here are the top hacks from the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2013 Hackathon


With 91 pitches by teams from all over the world, the jury at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe had a difficult task choosing the best hackathon projects. The teams had 24 hours to code a product and 60 seconds to pitch it. Every team who pitched got 2 free tickets to Disrupt Europe 2013, the 3 best teams got to pitch at Disrupt and the big winner additionally received a $5,000 check. This year’s Disrupt Europe saw several projects creating solutions and evolving around some established companies like Zalando, Foursquare, Lufthansa or Box APIs which were also among sponsors.

#2 Runner-Up : A Colourful Gift which romantically allows wedding couples to crowdfund their honeymoon among their friends in a playful way.

#1 Runner-Up : Teleapp, a French project, is a Chrome extension that recognizes App Store links on the page you’re reading and lets you push them directly to your iPhone to download the app in one click.

Winner : Foursquare PreCheck-In has a real business core to it. The solution allows businesses to offer up in advance services and products to potential customers who previously prechecked-in, encouraging them to actually go through with their visit and thus delivering better customer service.

France was well represented with several interesting projects:

  • developed a solution for synchronizing and broadcasting announcements on social networks through friends and contacts in order to create a massive impact for your launch.
  • AnyFetch created a search engine that can support all files by integrating API for retrieving and extracting the data and creating the search index.
  • presented a solution of kick ass SEO analytics.

Among other cool solutions presented on stage were :

  • Luftenhancer which helps visualize the earth and climate beneath you while flying. The project is a tailor-made visual experience for your Lufthansa flight. It visualises the ground and weather directly below you as you are seated on a plane. The Weather Underground API is called to gather location-based weather information and the Foursquare API is called to gather trending locations at your destination.
  • Fork my religion, an interesting project with an intriguing name disrupting nothing less than religion, the team surprised with this project which starts with the premise that the belief systems are broken and proposes to fix this by allowing people to collaborate to create new belief systems that are suitable for the modern planet.