Luke Chambers

Microsoft acquiert Cycle Computing, spécialiste de l’orchestration du cloud

C’est une prise de choix dont vient de s’emparer Microsoft : en achetant Cycle Computing, le groupe fait entrer dans son giron le leader mondial de l’orchestration des traitement informatique dans le cloud. De quoi donner une belle avance technologique à son service cloud Azure – et mettre une « saine » pression sur ses concurrents AWS et […]

NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office set to test Earth-saving device

NASA Planetary Defense Coordination Office set to test Earth-saving device

Though a Planetary Defense Coordination Office sounds like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie containing giant lasers, alien bugs and a stereotypical hero, it is actually a very real department within NASA. Its duty? To protect planet Earth.   What is the Planetary Defense Coordination Office   The Planetary Defense Coordination Office is headed by […]

Robotic Pizzeria takes Silicon Valley by Storm

Robotic Pizzeria takes Silicon Valley by Storm

Though robotics and artificial intelligence have been used extensively in the military, research and finance sectors, it seems that they have finally found exactly where they need to be. In the most important sector of all to humanity as a whole.   The sector of delicious pizza.   Silicon Valley start-up Zume, founded in 2015, […]

The Knightscope K5 – Why the toddler-bashing, drunk-fighting, self-drowning security bot is a great help for Robotics PR

The Knightscope K5 and Robotics PR The Knightscope K5, Silicon Valley’s very own mini Robocop, is a small robot which undertakes advanced security duties around the building. It may look like an upper-class trashcan, but it’s actually an incredibly advanced robot which has a host of advantages over a human security guard. It constantly monitors the […]

Why it is wrong to worry about Robotics and AI

Sutton Trust releases report showing robotics and AI will worsen social mobility   What it said and why it’s wrong by Luke Chambers   One of the most repeated terms in relation to robotics is ‘Robotics will lead to significant job losses’ and ‘robots are replacing our workers’. So much so that it now competes […]

United Kingdom, France Push Tech Firms to Action on Extremist Content

With her recent comments on tackling extremism online, Prime Minister Theresa May has not earned many fans among the tech industry in the UK or internationally. Nevertheless, she and many other British political leaders are sticking to an aggressive approach. On a trip to France earlier this month, May and her new counterpart Emmanuel Macron discussed how to introduce legal liability […]

Consumer Tech: Empowering and Protecting the Vulnerable

Consumer technology is frequently thought of as a way to improve lives, from making online shopping easier to providing accurate and effortless climate control for vehicles and homes. Those innovations are commonly perceived to be a first world luxury, a way to improve what is already a relatively high quality of life. In some cases, the use of new technology […]

The Google Docs Phishing Scam – and why it’s so dangerous

Online phishing scams usually have a certain type of victim. The elderly, the young, the technologically inexperienced. These types of people, through no real fault of their own, do not have the experience or training on how to spot phishing scams online – commonly becoming the latest casualties in scams that have been repeated for […]

Betting Big on Robotic Prosthetics

  Last month, a man in the Netherlands was among the first people in the world to receive a new type of click-on robotic arm. This new, rare kind of robotic prosthetic clicks directly into the bone and is able to be controlled by the patient’s thoughts, meaning that it opens up a whole new range […]

Artificial Synapses for Artificial Brains

  Creating an artificial intelligence similar to the structure of the human brain carries a range of benefits that drastically outweigh any potential drawbacks. Apart from copying a human’s ability to think creatively, learn rapidly from inconsistent data, and utilise the evolutionary benefits that many traditional artificial intelligences lack, artificial copies of human brains will also […]