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#FrenchTechFriday : Kokoroe, on n’apprend bien qu’avec le coeur

    Kokoroe est un mot japonais. Il évoque la connaissance – les connaissances – que l’on se doit d’avoir. Or comment rester à jour quand cette même connaissance change en permanence? C’est tout le défi que se propose de relever Kokoroe, lancé en septembre.   Tout commence avec plusieurs constats   50% des métiers […]

#FrenchTechFriday: Numworks revamps the calculator

#FrenchTechFriday: Numworks revamps the calculator

Today, we will talk about an object of mass consumption. The calculator. You don’t believe me? Have you ever NOT had a calculator? Has there never ever been a calculator in your home? And it’s a sure thing that you have used one at least once in your life. Two major calculator makers divide the […]

The French Tech Tour: startups are getting ready for the world

The French Tech Tour: startups are getting ready for the world

New French Tech startups are heading for the USA   It’s not a mystery. Making it in America is a pretty sure way to make your mark in the world. Especially in the Tech industry. Starting in a few days, the French Tech Tour is heading to North America. But what is, exactly, the French […]

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY: Zephyr Solar met de l’électricité dans l’air

[mise à jour du 21/02/2018: Zephyr Solar vient de terminer une levée de fond de 450 000 € qui leur permettra, en autre, d’agrandir l’équipe et de leur premier produit] Actuellement l’équipe de Zephyr Solar est en train de lever des fonds déployer son projet: une solution de génération électrique mobile inédite. Au même instant, […]

The time for Self-Driving Lorries on UK Roads is now!

  The United Kingdom had promised this in 2014. Now it is the first nation to trial wide-spread use of self-driving commercial lorries. Automated lorry convoys Similar tests have taken part in the United States, Germany and Japan. Obviously, British roads will by their very nature provide the biggest challenge yet. British motorways are among […]

How Artificial Intelligence may be the answer to the Terror problem

Heavy toll Of all the European nations who have been the victims of terrorism, France has arguably been hit the hardest and the most frequently. It is something not many of us talk about, but it is a problem that cannot be ignored. Extremist attacks are on the rise, both in number of attacks and […]

Music streaming figures show the world is changing

  This is it! For the very first time in France, the music streaming earnings have outgrown the cd sales this year. It’s obvious this trend is here to stay. It is also spreading to many other areas. Why is this interesting and what does this tells us about about society? The defining question Why […]

FrenchTechFriday – Bidmotion: the little big one in Mobile Marketing

When you have designed an app, you obviously want to sell it. And sell it well. You need to advertise and this is when it gets tricky. You can hire heaps of analysts to monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaign and pinpoint the perfect space. Or you can ask Bidmotion. Bidmotion is a French […]

What is FreeSense, and why might it create more problems than it solves?

Objects fitting the IoT (Internet of Things) definition present the challenge of balancing security with ease of use. Those who design and use them have been struggling to balance this equation. A recent discovery by researchers at Northwestern Polytechnical University, has potentially solved this problem. The IoT issues The problem with having all of your […]

Europe’s Brexit Brain Boom – How the British Talent Exodus is Christmas Come Early for EU Tech Industry

  The surprise vote   The UK’s shocking Brexit vote was a bolt from the blue for most of the world, who had expected the vote to go by far the other way. It shocked even those who had been instrumental in backing it. Suddenly they found themselves heading one of the most difficult diplomatic […]