FrenchTechFriday – Bidmotion: the little big one in Mobile Marketing

FrenchTechFriday – Bidmotion: the little big one in Mobile Marketing

When you have designed an app, you obviously want to sell it. And sell it well. You need to advertise and this is when it gets tricky. You can hire heaps of analysts to monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaign and pinpoint the perfect space. Or you can ask Bidmotion.

Bidmotion is a French startup founded in 2014 by Daniel Nathan, Juan José Mostazo and Abhishek Tiwari. Daniel did all his studies in France, then he left for Berlin to work in app development. Berlin was thriving with great ideas but it was hard finding users for the apps. After some time, Daniel thought there had to be a better solution but this involved knowing perfectly how a mobile user behaved.

The encounter

Mobile users do not behave like Desktop users. However, most companies do not take this specificity into account. “Mobile users” is just a branch of potential users. There had to be a company entirely dedicated to this segment of users to make sure effectiveness was optimal. Daniel met Juan José and Abhishek and they decided to found Bidmotion. They would settle in France for a variety of reasons. First, Daniel had a pretty good knowledge of the engineering schools there and they would need good engineers. France has a policy of fostering startups that incite entrepreneurs to settle there. Besides, France is a European crossroad: ideas, talents, technologies mingle in an innovative outburst.

An international team

The strength of Bidmotion is its algorithm that offers a complete daily follow up on the ad campaign without the need for armies of analysts. Their deep knowledge of mobile users behaviour allows for the best ad placement.

To achieve this, the team now reaches 22 members in two branches: operations and tech development. The team includes data scientists, machine learning experts, as well as the indispensable marketing teams . This small group is very diverse and is made up of 9 nationalities. Communication could have become an issue so it was decided the working language would be English. Within the next two years, the team will expand and recruit more operational and technical members.

The advantage of a 100% mobile user company

Because they only concentrate on mobile users, Bidmotion thrives to target exactly the right mobile user. They offer various solutions depending on the span of the campaign. If you think this would only suit little app developpers, think again. Their clients include King (Candy Crush, yes, that one – don’t bother pretend you haven’t installed it!), Rovio (Angry Birds, yes, that one too), Havas, Uber, Amazon… Should I say more?

With sales rising from 10M€ in 2015 to 40M€ in 2016 and new offices opening in the US and Asia, Bidmotion has made its mark. It has become a leader in mobile marketing technology and works day in and day out to provide the definitive marketing solution to reach the right mobile user.

Next time you purchase an app, take a second or two to wonder what made you buy it. Maybe it was Bidmotion’s expertise that lead you to it in the first place.