The French Tech Tour: startups are getting ready for the world

The French Tech Tour: startups are getting ready for the world

Fireworks in the USA

New French Tech startups are heading for the USA

It’s not a mystery. Making it in America is a pretty sure way to make your mark in the world. Especially in the Tech industry. Starting in a few days, the French Tech Tour is heading to North America. But what is, exactly, the French Tech Tour?

French Tech Tour 2017

The first edition of the French Tech Tour took place 10 years ago. Sure, a lot has happened since then but the urge to take on the US market is always strong.
The US and French market are different. It may sound obvious from a demographic and economic standpoint but it’s not only that. Sociological differences are major. You don’t sell your product the same way on both sides of the Atlantic and if you fail to address that, you’re heading for disaster.

A startup bootcamp

This is what the French Tech Tour is all about: a bootcamp to the foreign markets. During two full weeks, 14 French startups will share their time between New York City and San Francisco. They will hone in on their cultural skills, learning the codes of the US market. They will refine their market surveys and test their strategies. And they’ll pitch ’till they drop. What would take over a year like setting up contacts, validate the launch strategy will be done in 2 weeks.
The program is led by BPI France and Business France with a very clear agenda: push the teams and get them ready to storm the USA.

French Tech Tour in Canada

French companies are naturally attracted to Canada, mainly because Quebec is a French speaking province. That doesn’t mean the Canadians and the French are alike. Once again, the cultural codes and the market are quite different.
This is why, while 14 startups will tour the USA, seven more will follow the same bootcamp in Canada. It is recommended not to apply for both programs to remain focused of giving your best on one market.
Almunis of the French Tech Tour include Criteo, Sculpteo, Dotscreen, Tellmewhere or Wiztivi. This year’s startups have already been chosen after careful study of their applications (which closed last June).
Together with the history of the company, the team, and the product, one of the most important part of the application was convincing the jury of the innovative potential of the startup.
Among the twenty-one are Actrinoka (vibrotactile proprietary system for haptic effects), D.Vine (clever way to enjoy wine) and Enjoy Your Business (team engagement tools).
The Tour will cost 6800€ plus tax to the startups but the gain in efficiency is sure to be major.

An Asian tour later this year

The USA and Canada are not the only markets out there. The Asian market is also the place to be for IT. The French Tech Tour has an Asian program that leads startups to Seoul, Tokyo and Taipei. This one will take place a bit later in the year, from November 9th til the 17th.
Only dedicated to French Tech startups, these programs will jumpstart their launch overseas. Be ready to expect great things when they come back! Well, just after they’ve recovered from jet lag, that is.