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Backed by La Poste, Stuart launches same-hour delivery in Paris

After a 6 months trial in Paris, last-mile logistics startup Stuart has officially launched in the French capital. Stuart connects a fleet of independent couriers with local merchants and e-commerce businesses. The service allows same-hour delivery within the city for companies of all sizes. They also announced the launch of their operations in Barcelona and London, where they […]

BNP Paribas International Hackathon 2016 will take place in 8 cities

BNP Paribas International Hackathon 2016 will take place in 8 cities

For its second edition, BNP Paribas International Hackathon will be present in 8 cities : San Francisco, London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Warsaw, and Istanbul. Through this unique international program, 4 business lines and 10 entities will be engaged with startups teams to work on unique theme: “Making customer journeys effortless for our customers”. The Hackathon […]

SlimPay announces partnership with subscription giant Zuora

SlimPay announces partnership with subscription giant Zuora

SlimPay‘s co-founder and CEO Jérôme Traisnel announced last week the opening of a new office in San Fransisco, becoming the latest FrenchTech startup to land in Silicon Valley. The move follows a new partnership with Zuora, an American leader in online subscription plan management for enterprises. The idea is for the two companies to offer a […]

Amid weak economy, France’s digital minister tries to make case that La French Tech is working

France is about one year away from its next national elections, and the prospects for the current Socialist government are looking grim. President François Hollande remains deeply unpopular, with an approval rating of 17 percent in March. If he decides to run for another term, he faces tough odds against potential foes. And he will […]

Tilt brings the social touch to the French crowdfunding landscape

Olivier Buffon – Country Manager UK & France Launched out of Y Combinator in 2012, Tilt is a simple solution to allow group payments of everything from small bar tabs to big projects. Now the company has launched its service in France to tackle a market where it faces some local competition in the form of […]

Mangopay allows 10 million consumers to pay globally

Last week, we interviewed two people contributing to the transformation of our money habits : We talked about the future of foreign exchange with Kantox’ CEO & Founder Phillipe Gelis, and the new lending solutions offered to SMEs with Lendix’ CEO & Founder Olivier Goy; both speakers at our upcoming event SPEND Paris. Today we have the […]

Join us for our 10th & final #ParisFounders meetup

Back in 2013, I dreamed of organizing a startup meetup that was so good, you’d keep coming back. Like many, we had organized a few bar meetups – thanks to Orange & eFounders for being among the first companies to sign us checks that allowed us to get our friends drunk – and we realized that […]

Lendix wants to let small and medium businesses tap into the P2P lending revolution

Preceding our SPEND Event in a couple weeks, we started yesterday to interview some of our speakers by asking a few questions to Kantox’ CEO Phillipe Gelis about the new ways consumers and enterprises send money, most particularly how they deal with foreign exchange. Today we explore another subject, with Oliver Goy, CEO, and founder of […]

What entrepreneurs should know about PR in China

Last year, international polling and market research firm Ifop, conducted a survey among the Chinese middle-class in five main cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shenyang) to understand people’s perception towards products and services from different countries around the world. The result is that the country of origin is indeed essential information for Chinese consumers: 70 percent […]

In France, a failed government for startups

This year’s political debates in France have largely centered around what was meant to be major reform to labor regulations, which have left France’s unemployment rate up around 15% (near 25% for those under 25). The task: Find middle-ground that will make it less risky, less expensive, and less restrictive for employers to hire and fire. In the beginning of […]