Victor Rodrigues

Backed by Rocket Internet, on-demand laundry service ZipJet launches in Paris

ZipJet is a London-based company offering an on-demand laundry service that collects, washes and delivers clothes. Currently active in London & Berlin and will launch in other markets in the near future. The company is supported by Berlin’s Rocket Internet which is famous for having built many successful Internet companies around the world. The service […]

Spendesk launches a SaaS solution to help companies manage their corporate spendings

Spendesk launches a SaaS solution to help companies manage their corporate spendings

Founded in 2015 by Rodolphe Ardant and Parisian startup studio eFounders, Spendesk is a unique solution to generate digital or physical corporate cards for employees and easily manage expenses as a team. Tracking corporate spendings is definitely a pain for companies, today’s CFOs, accountants, and managers are struggling to manage their teams spendings, gather all […]

Front grabs $10M and keep improving business communications

Front grabs $10M and keep improving business communications

Created in 2013 by Mathilde Collin (CEO) and Laurent Perrin (CTO)  Parisian startup studio eFounders, Front is a SaaS tool designed to help teams manage external emails communication or group addresses (contact@, hello@, support@ etc.), and makes it easy to direct email inquiries to the appropriate responder. Since its official launch at #ParisFounders almost three years […]

Home cooking platform Menu Next Door raises €1.75M in seed funding

Launched a year ago in Brussels, Menu Next Door just raised €1.75M (almost $2M) in a seed round, from VC firms Index Ventures, Local Globe, Kima Ventures and the well known Parisian startup accelerator TheFamily, which . After Brussels and Paris, the Belgian platform, allowing people to either order menus from their neighbours or cook for […]

#ConnectedConf: Interview with Sabrina Sasaki from Makers Boot Camp

Tomorrow will mark the opening of Connected Conference, the 3-day event about IoT and everything related to the convergence of Internet and Industry. For this occasion, we interviewed Sabrina Sasaki, Marketing Manager at Makers Boot Camp – one of the leading acceleration program dedicated to hardware in Japan, but also one of our many speakers, who’s […]

After acquiring its French competitor, recruitment marketplace Hired officially launches in France

Back in February, and after raising $70M in total from Comcast, Crosslink Capital or Google Ventures, talent recruitment marketplace has acquired its Paris-based competitor, with the aim to tackle a French recruitment market, an essential target according to Mehul Patel, CEO of Hired: “We started thinking about entering the French market two years ago. […]

IZBERG launches a turnkey solution to deploy service marketplaces

Paris-based IZBERG Marketplace -which raised €1.5M last year from Alven Capital, announces the launch of their marketplace solution for services: IZBERG Plaform for Services. The startup, which provides a SaaS solution adding an e-commerce layer to any existing website, has stretched its offer to not only products but also services marketplaces, allowing every actor, e-merchant or not, to launch their […]

Comet might be the easiest way to gather pictures with your friends

Formerly known as Crossroads, iOS and Android app Comet has been imagined by two entrepreneurs who came to the conclusion that no existing solution was offering an experience handy enough to gather photos with friends and relatives: “During my bachelor party a few years ago, everyone took a lot of photos with their smartphones, and we […]

The future of food: Will we all be eating insects and algae soon?

The world’s food system might be at risk, experts claim in alarming reports that with a world population expected to reach at least 9 billion people by 2050, the world may not be able to feed itself if it doesn’t increase food productivity. However, countries need to prioritize sustainable methods of production, since current systems […]

#ConnectedConf: Interview with Vibhu Norby, b8ta’s Founder & CEO

Barely two weeks before Connected Conference, we interviewed Vibhu Norby, one of our many speakers during the conference, and CEO of b8ta, the first brick-and-mortar retailer designed to help shoppers discover, experience, and buy the latest tech and IoT products.   Connected Conference is all about the intersection of Industry & the Internet. Where do […]