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The City of Paris turns to hackers to help prevent future terrorist attacks

In the aftermath of the attacks on Paris that took place earlier this month, the City of Paris has been quick to respond, much like the rest of the public servants. Just as Parisians were checking in on Facebook, following news ( & lies) on Twitter, and realizing that some of the most basic needs in the […]

Why Lyft & Blablacar would make the perfect merger

Why Lyft & Blablacar would make the perfect merger

It started as far back as last year, when Blablacar raised $100 Million to ‘go global’ – everyone had always known that Mazzella’s ambitions were big, but $100 Million was a whole new ball game. One year later, the company raised $200 Million more and it’s safe to say that there’s no stopping the BlaBlaCar. Today, they are present […]

Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely launches GET

Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely launches GET

Creating an app to put into place an e-commerce can be very costly and time-consuming, variables that usually act as a barrier in the adoption of mobile e-commerce by SMEs. Daniel Marhely, co-founder of Deezer, and Adrien Touati, serial entrepreneur, just launched GET, a solution that will enable companies to create their e-commerce app, both […]

How I'm Coping

These acts of terrorism in Paris have me shocked, sickened, and I admit it, scared at times. Never before have I felt such intense patriotism for my adopted country. The last thing I’m qualified to give is any kind of certainty on how to process these tragic events. I’m even skeptical of diagnoses and prescriptions […]

Ad4Screen: Mobile Programmatic Deconstructed

Today we inaugurate a new segment on programmatic advertising. Adtech is evolving, and the generation post-Criteo is eager to conquer their share of the market. The first stop on our journey is Ad4screen, a pioneer of Mobile marketing and advertisement. Founded in 2010, the company has raised $10 Million dollars so far, and it’s growing […]

Stuart's €45 Million valuation pre-launch underscores the rush for last-mile delivery

Word had already begun to buzz around Stuart, the stealth on-demand delivery startup, when TechCrunch’s Steve O’Hear reported that the company has raised a €22 Million round of funding, backed by LaPoste subsidiary GeoPost. The latest financial documents from GeoPost have confirmed that the company invested €10 Million into Stuart for a 22% stake, valuing the […]

BioSerenity raises €3 Million to bring wearable epilepsy detection to the masses

In line with the wave of medical-tech fusion, BioSerenity, a French startup founded by Pierre Fouin, is revolutionizing early epilepsy detection.  Founded in January of 2014, the Paris-based startup has raised over €3 million from Kurma Diagnostics and Idinvest Partners to propel its research and development. BioSerenity is the first of its kind to develop […]

Introducing HIRE – France's Largest Digital Recruitment Event

More than two years ago, when Rude Baguette first started organizing events, our goal was two-fold: 1) only organize events that facilitate must-haves for founders – signing deals, hiring people, raising money, etc. 2) English-first events (we’ve just announced that our Connected Conference will have French translations). Our recruitment event has grown over the past […]

Following attacks, Paris startup scene is back to work, almost

To say that it’s been a difficult weekend would be an understatement, but I’ve spent so much time talking with people about the Paris Attacks of November 13th, that I’ll leave it at that for now. This morning, many woke up hoping that the beginning of a new week would mark the beginning of ‘after.’ The […]

An ode to the expat

I spent a fair bit of my childhood in a very comfortable expatriate life overseas, but once I entered the workforce I never really felt inclined to become a proper expat in the original sense of the term. Growing up as an expat kid couldn’t be more cozy. Generally, the parent’s multinational company, at least […]