Introducing HIRE – France's Largest Digital Recruitment Event

Introducing HIRE – France's Largest Digital Recruitment Event

More than two years ago, when Rude Baguette first started organizing events, our goal was two-fold: 1) only organize events that facilitate must-haves for founders – signing deals, hiring people, raising money, etc. 2) English-first events (we’ve just announced that our Connected Conference will have French translations). Our recruitment event has grown over the past 5 editions (twice a year) to a 3,000-person event bringing together 100+ HR professionals recruiting for digital companies. It’s been a blast to organize, and we’ve always been focused on what matters most: our event is only a success is companies hire great people. And given that more than half of recruiters recruit every time, and one in four make multiple recruitments at our events, it’s been an easy event to grow.

Today I’m proud to introduce the new HIRE – France’s Largest Digital Recruitment Event. HIRE is a two-day event dedicated to top talent & innovative digital companies, and consists of HIRE.CONF (March 18th) & HIRE.FAIR (March 19th).
HIRE.CONF will take place on March 18th, and is a one-day conference dedicated to top talent identification, engagement, recruitment & retention, and will bring together 200 HR professionals. Our first edition took place earlier this year, and brought out great companies like Uber & Intuit, sharing their recruitment experiences & company culture best practices, and we also heard from founders of great recruitment tools – JobTeaser,, YBorder & ChooseYourBoss – about their insights into Top Talent Recruitment.
HIRE.CONF will take place on March 19th, and will welcome 5,000 Designers, Developers (Front & Back), Social Media Managers, Marketers, Business Developers & more to meet with more than 100 digital recruiters of all sizes. Recruiters will range from small startups up to large digital companies – because it’s not just startups looking for the best talent, and it’s not just startups developing new technology. The event will now take place from 9AM until 7PM, which will give recruiters & candidates a FULL day to meet!
Candidates can register to attend online, and recruiters interested in recruiting at HIRE.FAIR or attending HIRE.CONF (which is free for all HIRE.FAIR recruiters, of course) can reach out at
It has always been a passion of mine to help international profiles find great jobs in Paris tech companies, and those who make the decision to (or who are looking to) come to Paris are often very experienced, which is what has made HIRE a better recruitment event from day one: we bring out more international profiles with more experience than any recruitment event around (because you wonderful readers are so smart, of course!), and I’m looking forward to making this event even bigger in the coming years!