Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely launches GET

Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely launches GET

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Creating an app to put into place an e-commerce can be very costly and time-consuming, variables that usually act as a barrier in the adoption of mobile e-commerce by SMEs.
Daniel Marhely, co-founder of Deezer, and Adrien Touati, serial entrepreneur, just launched GET, a solution that will enable companies to create their e-commerce app, both for Android and iOS, in less than an hour and for free. GET will then take a commission ( between 5 % and 20%) on the items sold through the application.

“We wanted to democratize the access to mobile commerce for merchants and service providers”, Adrien Touati explained to Le Figaro.

Aware that the delivery plays a crucial role in the online shoppers’ decisions, GET is also offering a 24/7 delivery service to its customers, ensuring delivery within an hour for all products in the areas nearby.
Customers will be able to get delivery anything from flowers to breakfast, from medications to Christmas trees. Yes, you read it right, Christmas trees. With Get my Sapin, you will be able to pick your Christmas tree during the week to have it delivered during the weekend.
So far the company counts 10+ brands, including Fauchon, Lavinia, Red Start and L’atelier de L’Éclair to name some.
The two co-founders have already invested €260,000 so far in the company and will be looking to raise more funds in the second half of 2016.