How I'm Coping

How I'm Coping

These acts of terrorism in Paris have me shocked, sickened, and I admit it, scared at times. Never before have I felt such intense patriotism for my adopted country. The last thing I’m qualified to give is any kind of certainty on how to process these tragic events. I’m even skeptical of diagnoses and prescriptions that seem so neat, simple, and plausible. For now, I’m coping in the best way I know how: by supporting French startups and small businesses in the most basic way possible.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Streaming music daily from Deezer
  • Reserving a Thanksgiving dinner from a professional chef on LaBelleAssiette
  • Booking a train ticket on Captain Train
  • Participating in a crowd-lending campaign on
  • Scoping out a graphic design order on digital arts platform Kang
  • Circulating within the city in a SnapCar
  • Contributing to a shared gift on Leetchi
  • Preparing to open a robo-advisory investment account with Marie Quantier
  • Playing 94 Degrees, the mobile brainteaser game from Scimob
  • And of course, patronizing the local small businesses in my neighborhood.

I welcome suggestions of other local startup products I could adopt into my regular habits. Take good care.