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Here are New York City’s 10 Hottest French Startups – 2014 Edition

The following is a Guest Post from Martin Mignot, a principal at Index Ventures in London where he looks after the French startups and entrepreneurs. You can follow him on twitter @martinmignot and his blog Since I wrote about NYC’s 10 hottest French Startups, the local scene, which was put under the spotlight by the […]

On Giving out Equity to Employees in French Startups

On Giving out Equity to Employees in French Startups

One major inconvenience in VC investing in French startups which consistently raises its ugly head is the complexity to incentivize key personnel with equity. I’m not referring to the employees who eschew the upside potential afforded by equity in favor of fixed pay with high job security. While certainly understandable at certain positions in a […]

The plot to box Netflix out of the French market

The plot to box Netflix out of the French market

Netflix’s arrival in France has been anything but smooth, and it seems the rough bumps are far from over. After discussions with the French government fell apart and Netflix decided to operate in France out of Luxembourg, avoiding any cultural taxes that France might impose, the French government vowed to make life for Netflix as difficult […]

Carmat has transplanted its artificial heart into a second patient

After rumors began to circulate last week that Carmat, the medical technology startup building the first fully autonomous artificial heart, had performed a 2nd operation on a patient in the Nantes, the company confirmed the information this week, stating that the operation appeared successful thus far. Little is known about the patient’s identity at the time; however, the requirements of […]

Nest’s Smart Thermostat will arrive in four European countries this month

One of the hottest connected home startups Nest, purchased earlier this year for $3.2 Billion by Google, will be arriving in France, Belgium, The Netherlands & Ireland this month, the company announced via blog post this weekend. The official announcement came just hours after it was announced at the Berlin consumer electronics event IFA. Nest has partnered with […]

E-thread® technology pioneer Primo 1D closes €3 million round

Created just a year ago, Primo 1D, one of the E-thread® technology, pioneers have just closed a €3 million round, led by Sofimac Partners and Rhone Alpes Creation (R2V) with a consortium of Angels and other institutional funds participating.  Primo 1D, who grew out of Grenoble-based digital innovation lab and hub LETI and were also an exhibitor at our […]

Meet the 50+ startups recruiting at the Paris Startup Job Fair on September 13th

We’re just one week away from the third edition of the Paris Startup Job Fair – sponsored by Scality & Mobiskill – on September 13th, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve already got 50 startups signed up to recruit. We’re on our way to have 1,000 job seekers – developers, designers, product managers, salesmen & marketers, and communication specialists […]

Withings launches Home, its most secure connected object yet

Photo Credit: Engadget This week at IFA, the Berlin consumer electronics forum that gathers top connected hardware & electronics companies each year, Withings announced the launch of its latest connected home device, Home. The startup describes home an “elegant HD camera” which can be used to livestream video to family, or keep an eye on the […] leapfrogs Netflix by launching this week in France

With Netflix launching in France on September 15 with a strategy to not only offer an extensive catalog and awarding winning content, but also produce customized, high quality content for the French market (a French House of Cards anyone?), others are also setting their ambitions on conquering the French VOD market.  Rakuten’s got a jump on Netflix […]

[RudePretzel] German Taxi app MyTaxi acquired by Daimler

According to reports on German news site Netzwertig, German taxi-hailing app MyTaxi has been acquired by automotive company and previous investor Daimler for an undisclosed amount. The Hamburg-based startup was founded in 2009, and counts Hailo & Uber among its competitors. Expanding across Europe and eyeing the US market, myTaxi raised €10 Million in 2012 from T-Ventures (Deutsche […]