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Netatmo’s Thermostat for Smartphone now available across Europe

Competition is heating up in the smart-home space – just weeks after Nest’s announcement and subsequent launch in Europe, Netatmo has announced expansion into five new markets (in addition to France & Belgium) – United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. In addition, the connected hardware startup has announced a series of partnerships with key country players like EDF, France’s […]

Lovie Awards announce finalists and open voting for the People’s Lovie

Lovie Awards announce finalists and open voting for the People’s Lovie

After a first round of voting, the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS), who also organize the well-known Webby awards, have just announced the finalists of their Europe-focused Lovie Awards. To make sure that web innovation coming out of Europe gets properly acknowledge and rewarded, the Lovie Awards was created 4 years ago […]

RogerVoice’s real-time voice-to-text phone call application for the deaf

RogerVoice’s real-time voice-to-text phone call application for the deaf

This week saw the launch of RogerVoice, the 1st app which allows people with profound hearing loss to read a transcript of a phone conversation in real time. Founders Olivier Jeannel (CEO), Sidney Burks (CTO), and Pablo Seuc-Rocher (CMO), have been working since just 2013 to bring a truly independent calling experience to the deaf and hearing impaired by seamlessly integrating […]

10 Figures you need to know before launching your Kickstarter campaign

The following is a guest post from Alexis Houssou & Barbara Belvisi, co-founders of Elephants&Ventures, a venture boutique helping hardware startups with financing & strategy. You can follow them on twitter at @alexishoussou and @b_belvisi. If there was such a thing as a hardware startup checklist, no doubt the “pre-order launch” box would feature prominently […]

SFR pens distribution deal with digital magazine service LeKiosk

In a move to increase distribution, LeKiosk has announced this week a partnership with Internet Service Provider and Mobile Telecom SFR, who will offer the Digital Magazine Service to its 2 Million subscribers for free. The partnership is similar to that of Deezer’s with Orange, and will be included in a list of offers like GPS […]

With €1.1M from Kima & Xange AB Tasty to expand its A/B Testing solution into Europe

A/B testing solution AB Tasty has raised €1.1 Million from Xange & Kima Ventures in order to take their A/B Testing solution to Europe. Launched in 2011, AB Tasty currently employs 27 team members to cover the French tech market, working with eCommerce sites (CDiscount), telecom providers (Bouygues Telecom) & retailers (But). Their new funding will be used […]

Should I hire a fundraising agent for my startup?

Within the span of a week this August came two excellent opinion pieces from VCs about whether entrepreneurs should mandate an intermediary to help them raise their early stage financing. The first is from Hunter Walk of Homebrew (Don’t Send a Banker to Do a Founder’s Job). Then John Henderson of White Star Capital wrote […]

With a new data center in North America, Clever Cloud continues its international expansion

Developing a ‘French cloud’ (or at least a European one) to conquer the mighty American tech giants like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and others has been a top priority for France and the EU in general. France even allocated 150 million euros to help finance the creation of two companies, Numergy (led by SFR and Bull) […]

Cryptosense raises €700K to help banks improve digital security by simulating breaches

Digital Security is the topic du jour when it comes to the digital world. It seems like almost every week Gmail, or Target, or Home Depot is announcing millions of pieces of data have been stolen by digital thieves. The problem lies in the fact that users have culturally adjusted to the idea of letting businesses store personal data […]

The 1st Fashion & Tech Week comes to NUMA next week

Paris’ Fashion week gets underway next week and for the first time, NUMA in conjunction with Parsons Paris, Fashion Technology Lab and Fashion Capital Partners, will host the 1st Fashion & Tech week 22 – 28 September to explore the impact of new technologies on the fashion industry. More than 70 hours of events have been organized to […]