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Pinterest launches in France (and they’re throwing a party tonight in Paris)

Pinterest has announced some exciting news for Frenchies – a special version of Pinterest with localized search, content & categories, “as well as links to more French domains and pins with descriptions in French.” The update comes just weeks after Pinterest launched in the UK and announced its intentions to launch in France, and after Pinterest […]

Leetchi to fuel European growth with a multi-market partnership with Amazon

Leetchi to fuel European growth with a multi-market partnership with Amazon

Coming on the heels of their MangoPay launch, French social payments leader Leetchi has announced a big partnership with Amazon, adding Amazon gift cards to the list of potential gifts they offer.  Leetchi has been hinting for a while now that this deal was on the way. With 700k+ users on-board, having a big-named partner […]

[Sponsored] Six steps to getting traction in the US Market

[Sponsored] Six steps to getting traction in the US Market

The following Sponsored Content is brought to you by Hubtech21, which provides custom-tailored services to help companies strategize, launch, expand into the US Market. For European startups, one of the biggest challenges to success is getting traction in the US Market. Added on top of the fact that the US is literally an ocean away from European startups, the […]

France sees the Internet as a key to globalization, study finds

Les Echos in conjunction with IFOP released a study this week delving into French attitudes and perceptions of the internet, its place in their lives as well as their thoughts on the internet’s tech leaders.  It’s clear from their findings that although that concerns around privacy abound, particularly in regards to the US digital leaders, […]

Want your app on the top of the French App Store? 8000€ will do, says TradeMob.

A recent infographic released by app marketing platform TradeMob has affirmed not only that there is a price on each country’s top charts, but that it’s variable per country. The study examined the cost per install of each country, the ‘organic lift’ in gaming and non-gaming sectors, and the number of installs required to make it […]

WorldCrunch partners with Le Nouvel Obs on its Kickstarter campaign to bring local news Global

There’s nothing I love more than making all news global news – we at the Rude Baguette have been doing that for France’s tech market for nearly two years, and our partner in crime, Worldcrunch, is halfway through raising a Kickstarter campaign to do that all over the world. With 41% funding completed and 27 days to go, […]

4 Rules for hiring your startup’s next great employee (and avoiding the duds)

What’s the single most important factor driving the success of a startup? A brilliant idea? Lots of investment capital? Nope. Great hiring. The best idea, no matter how well funded, isn’t worth a thing without a team of smart, dedicated people who can work together effectively. And teams, like chains, are only as strong as […]

Internet of Things startup Netatmo raised 4.5M€ for its connected weather station

French startup Netatmo announced that it has raised 4.5 million € from Iris Capital, FSN PME, and Apple’s former MD of Europe, Pascal Cagni. The startup, which made an appearance at CES 2013 earlier this year, produces internet-enabled air quality & temperature sensors for the inside of the home, and allows the user to track the information […]

Breaking into the French founders scene? How about a free ticket to the Paris Founders Event on June 26th

Every month, the Rude Baguette organizes Paris’ only event dedicated just to tech entrepreneurs, the Paris Founders Event. The founders-only event saw 100+ signups in its last edition, and on June 26th, will bring together founders, both from Paris and the rest of the world, who come together to share experiences, get feedback, and discuss […]

Napster relaunching in France, a market pretty much locked up by Deezer

Can ‘Napster’ recreate the magic? The Napster brand is back in Europe where it will be rolled out across 14 countries by its current owner US streaming service Rhapsody. This time around though, it will be in the form of a legal, 100% paid streaming service hoping to rival the likes of Spotify and Deezer.The […]