Leetchi to fuel European growth with a multi-market partnership with Amazon

Leetchi to fuel European growth with a multi-market partnership with Amazon

Coming on the heels of their MangoPay launch, French social payments leader Leetchi has announced a big partnership with Amazon, adding Amazon gift cards to the list of potential gifts they offer.  Leetchi has been hinting for a while now that this deal was on the way. With 700k+ users on-board, having a big-named partner like Amazon will be a real advantage for them as they expand as planned across Europe. For now, Leetchi users in France and Germany can spend their ‘pool’ directly on Amazon.de or Amazon.fr, with the UK, Spain, and Italy coming in the next few months as Leetchi continues its expansion across Europe.

Leetchi CEO Céline Lazorthes has underlined the importance of this partnership to help fuel their growth across Europe. Up until now, Leetchi has been a big French success story, which is clearly well-positioned to have the same success on the European and even global level. However, it’s a business that requires partnerships with brands and stores on the local level to round-out their offer for each market.  At the moment they have an extremely comprehensive offer for France with 70 partners, but are working hard to put the same in place in the markets they are currently expanding to.

Having Amazon on-board will obviously make this process a lot easier as users in new markets will have immediate access to a massive number of potential gift items. In addition, Leetchi can leverage the credibility of having a partnership with Amazon to bring new, local partners on-board. With the impressive success they’ve had thus far in France, their big VC backing, and now this partnership, Leetchi is well-positioned to become the name in the European social payments space for the foreseeable future.