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Get ready for the Webgame Conference on June 21st!

Only 10 days to go until this year’s Webgame conference, which will take place on June 21st in Paris at Gaité Lyrique.  The conference is an annual event and brings together leaders and innovators in web, mobile, social games to discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities in the sector.  This will be the third installation […]

Rude VC: Feeling a part of something bigger

Rude VC: Feeling a part of something bigger

The RUDE VC offers a word of advice on one of the most important elements in working for a company: making your employees feel a part of something bigger.

Jahia to Introduce Jahia Wise at Upcoming CMSDay

Jahia to Introduce Jahia Wise at Upcoming CMSDay

Jahia will be presenting for the first time their new collaborative document management product Jahia Wise at the upcoming CMSDay on June 14.  CMSDay, organised by Smile a France-based market leader in integrated open source solutions, is the first event in France and Europe dedicated to opensource content management. Jahia seeks to deliver “next-generation, open source CMS” […]

Teleportd is the startup that's about to knock LeWeb on its ass

Meeting up with Gabriel Hubert, CEO of Teleportd, is always an eventful occasion. The last time I met him at his office, he was ‘hacking’ a printer, so that people could hashtag their Instagram photos with a specific hashtag that would trigger the printer to automatically print the photo – he ended up using it […]

Amazon setting up shop in Burgundy

Reported in LeMonde, Amazon has decided to set up a fulfillment center in Burgundy which is projected to create approximately 1,000 jobs.  The center will reinforce Amazon’s strong presence outside the Paris region, as it already has two other logistic centers in Montelimar and Saran (Orléans).  The planned expansion was confirmed this week by France […]

Brittany's Nestadio Capital launches accelerator for EU startups to go to the US

Earlier this week, Britanny-based Nestadio Capital, an FCPI Venture Capital firm, announced the launch of Zgarage, an accelerator for European startups looking to Penetrate the US market. First covered by JournalduNet[FR], the accelerator will help European companies (although “starting first with France,” according to their homepage) expand into the Silicon Valley, while maintaining their R&D […]

Tech All Stars announces the 12 startups they're sending to LeWeb London

Earlier this month, we spoke about Tech All Stars, the EU Commission’s contest to find the best startups in Europe and send them to LeWeb, Founders Forum, and even to one lucky startup pitch in front of the EU Commission’s technology & innovation group. Well, the first selection is complete, and we’ve got our paws […]

Cloud Computing Experts Release White Paper on Cloud Computing

Ten ‘experts’ in cloud computing have just released a comprehensive white paper on the subject called ‘Comment Réuissir dans le Cloud’ (in English ‘How to Succeed in the Cloud’).  The effort was led by webmarketing agency PowerOn in partnership with Salesforce and drew on contributions from experts on the subject from various backgrounds.  As a […]

Trends in French startups according to LeCamping's season 3 Startups

Accelerators have the great privilege of making the first ‘selection’ of which startups have potential, and which ones need to be re-thought. I often take a look at an accelerator’s selection of startups to identify what trends seem to be popping up in the ecosystem. This past monday, LeCamping announced the 12 startups in their […]

France’s Cloud Startups (series): Introducing Clever Cloud

This series of articles exploring the various innovations going on in the Cloud by French startups. Last week, Tariq Krim went into great detail about his latest venture, JoliCloud. This week, we hope to do the same: Clever Cloud, founded in 2010, is a platform as a service (PaaS) startup based in Nantes.  I recently […]