Jahia to Introduce Jahia Wise at Upcoming CMSDay


Jahia will be presenting for the first time their new collaborative document management product Jahia Wise at the upcoming CMSDay on June 14.  CMSDay, organised by Smile a France-based market leader in integrated open source solutions, is the first event in France and Europe dedicated to opensource content management.
Jahia seeks to deliver “next-generation, open source CMS” through their vision of enterprise application convergence (web, search, document, social and portal) unified by the “simplicity of web content management”.  They already have various products and services focusing on this vision, including their CMS Jahia xCM, visual experience builder JahiStudio, content platform Jahia CCP, and various JahiApps (blogs, forums, etc);  Continuing on this vision, they are launching Jahia Wise which will enable document sharing and social collaboration by allowing users to freely exchange documents and collaborate in their drafting and validation before publishing.
Jahia, also a gold partner of CMSDay, will also be participating in 5 round tables during the CMSDay event in addition to presenting JahiWise.  If you’ll be at CMSDay on the 14th, make sure to check them out.