How One Man Hopes to Destroy the Internet

The following is a guest post from Dr. Dylan Kissane, Content Manager at DOZ. Follow him on Twitter at @drkissane or visit his website Arthur Chu is a man on a mission. Unfortunately for anyone who works in, lives in, invests in, or just appreciates the internet economy, his mission is to destroy the […]

The increase of the public broadcasting tax: a smart political maneuver based on a big fat lie

The increase of the public broadcasting tax: a smart political maneuver based on a big fat lie

The public broadcasting service (audiovisuel public) is a sector in crisis; there is no doubt about that. The financial difficulties it has faced over the last years, with Radio France employees protesting earlier this year against restructuring plans and refusing to work for 28 days in a row, have largely shown the desperation within the […]

Is taxing Airbnb prejudicial to French tourism?

Is taxing Airbnb prejudicial to French tourism?

At first glance, one might think taxing an activity like individual rentals can only have negative effects on the entire industry. The aim of the following lines is to demonstrate that the exact opposite can be true. In 2015, France will maintain its title of world champion of tourism. By welcoming 83.8 million foreign tourists […]

Legalstart aims to eliminate the legal and admin pain for SMEs

Anyone who’s launched and operated a business in France knows how challenging the required legal and administrative procedures can be (91% of french managers and entrepreneurs believe there are too many legal and administrative requirements). Of course France is not unique in this regard and the French administration has made various efforts in recent years to […]

Jurismatic, TheFamily's latest concoction, provides open source legal documents for French startups

This month, TheFamily released yet another website. If you’re like me, you weren’t fazed by the forced mass-publication that came on Facebook & Twitter, and after the 100th time that they tell you that their latest oeuvre will change the startup ecosystem, you can’t help but scoff. However, with Jurismatic, TheFamily’s latest concoction, you might […]

France labor law: the cliff of 50

People that read this space regularly know that I’m not one to shy away from criticizing the French government’s policies when I believe they’re anti-startup or anti-innovation. So it’s only fair that I applaud the government when it acts to reform antiquated rules. In my opinion, Prime Minister Manuel Valls’ announcement this week of some […]

The latest French plot to kill Google is hiding in plain sight

In this week’s episode of “How France tries to hurt Google,” the French government has come up with a great plan around making sure that search engine users are aware of alternatives: by forcing all search engines who “have a significant impact on the digital economy” to provide links to three other search engines, of […]

Hamon, Ham-off. How the Loi Hamon hurts startups

If you believe (like many Canadians I know) that everything is better with bacon, the Loi Hamon will disappoint you. Despite its shared namesake with the Filipino word for ham, France’s Hamon law feels more like eggs benedict without the bacon… and with rotten eggs for that matter. I finally had my first direct brush […]

Time to invest in Japan?

I would posit that Japan is “the ultimate contrarian bet.” For entrepreneurs and investors in the West alike, the world’s third largest economy strikes me as being unfairly dismissed. Don’t get me wrong. At the macro level, the Japanese economy faces its share of challenges. The demographic trend is not moving in the country’s favor, […]

Drivy founder Paulin Dementhon: “Berlin is quite unique worldwide”

Last week French peer-to-peer car sharing platform Drivy launches its service in Germany. I met Drivy founder Paulin Dementhon and German Country Manager Gero Graf for an interview on Drivy’s plans for the future, Berlin’s advantages and the share economy. Tobias Schwarz: What is Drivy? How does it work? Paulin Dementhon: Drivy is a peer-to-peer […]