After Google and Amazon, French tax authorities target Facebook

In recent weeks, we’ve been covering quite extensively Google and their quarrels with the French government. An attempt to re-instate the Google Tax led to French media banding together to propose a law forcing Google to pay royalties for snippets used on Google sites. This all happened as French tax authorities investigate Google France & Google […]

Fed up with French Tax?  MOVE Guides can move you to London!

Fed up with French Tax? MOVE Guides can move you to London!

The following is an approved guest post by Brynne Herbert Mon dieu! Much to the chagrin of France’s business and start-up community, Francois Hollande announced his foreboding tax changes this fall, including a disturbingly high 75% tax rate on incomes above £800,000 per year and 62.2% capital gains tax rate.  The outcry of the business […]

Pussyfooting around Hadopi, the French ACTA law

Pussyfooting around Hadopi, the French ACTA law

Hadopi has been described and debated at length and is in a nutshell a little French ACTA[FR]. The socialist party, from which the new French president Francois Hollande came, had stated in its program as a party that Hadopi would be scrapped. Then, when Hollande won his party’s primaries, he didn’t feel too bound by […]

Return of the French Google Tax: New Government, Same Nonsense

France is now saying it will enforce what’s been dubbed the “Google Tax” [FR], a sort of customs tariff on web products and services sold from anywhere outside of France. Previous governments have tried coming up with a way to apply VAT on digital purchases from foreign companies, from a song on iTunes or an […]

French Policy prevents Netflix, but Encourages Illegal Downloads

This Post is a Guest Post by Willy Braun. Willy is a Paris-Based blogger from Toulouse, who currently works for EBG,  the biggest professional community in new technologies. He also hosts his own French-language blog, Brocooli. In France, we LOVE movies & TV shows. But we don’t have an SVOD service like Netflix. Instead, We wait […]