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#FRENCHTECH FRIDAY : Making the planet great again with Newcy

In 2020, in France, plastic cups will be banned. Not just cups actually, all disposable tableware. French startup Newcy is ahead of the game and offers a solution for businesses keen on corporate social responsability. What if your next coffee break was a treat for the environment?     Let’s face the facts. In France alone, […]

#FrenchTechFriday : Bringing families back together with Famileo

#FrenchTechFriday : Bringing families back together with Famileo

  [September 2018 update : Family has been awarded the French Tech Pass, for startups in hyper-growth] Remember that time when the grand-parents had the whole family around? Tell stories and treat the kids. Now that link is often broken and the elders are cut off from the rest of the family. How do you […]

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Hungry Up – FoodTech and tradition

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Hungry Up – FoodTech and tradition

The French have this thing about lunchtime. Lunchtime is food time, and good food time if possible. Lunchtime is a moment to talk, to chill, to enjoy. Lunchtime in France takes time, maybe too much. French FoodTech startup “Hungry Up” thought up a way to enjoy only the best part of lunchtime. The downside of […]

FrenchTechFriday – Bidmotion: the little big one in Mobile Marketing

When you have designed an app, you obviously want to sell it. And sell it well. You need to advertise and this is when it gets tricky. You can hire heaps of analysts to monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaign and pinpoint the perfect space. Or you can ask Bidmotion. Bidmotion is a French […]

French Tech Friday: The Swello Story

How a summer break idea is tackling the big names in Social Media Management Tools (SMMT)   Meet Jonathan Noble, a 22-year-old French entrepreneur. Seven years ago (yep, your math is right), while in high school, he noticed his tweets were gathering more engagement when posted during school hours. Back in 2010, with no smartphone […]

5 Futuristic Start-Ups conceived in the 1900s

The imaginations of one artist c. 1900 prophecy the millennial lifestyle. 1.  mySpark Technologies From the small class size and male-only student body you can tell the illustrator is clearly from the 1900s. By use of mechanical energy to initiate the electrical signals, the machine feeds knowledge and information via electrical wires despite the clear […]