#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Get together with Linkjuice.io

#FRENCHTECHFRIDAY : Get together with Linkjuice.io


[UPDATE 25/09/18: Linkjuice.io become Getfluence.com]
“Lean” is the way for many startups nowadays. “Build it and they’ll come” and update it along the way. For Marc de Zordo, CEO of Linkjuice.io, it’s quite the opposite: make sure the concept is sound before releasing it. Then it’s no surprise that it has rocketed since its launch 2 months ago.


Mark stresses that “.io” is important. Linkjuice already has a meaning and Mark had no intention of registering Linkjuice on its own (Pasquier, are you reading this?).
Linkjuice is what connects and that’s the purpose of this platform: to connect marketers with influencers. Those influencers can be bloggers, YouTubers, online media but also offline.

A platform developed as a tool

This platform was initially a tool, developed for Mark’s previous company. When it became obvious it had huge potential, it came to be a standalone startup, based in Toulouse. This is why the team of 15 is not into “test and improve”: the platform has already proven its worth. They only release features that have been duly tested. Linkjuice.io is about making official a solution that already existed.

Who does what?

Linkjuice.io first assess the potential of influencers then links both parties. The influencer and the marketer can discuss the cost of a publication. Things can go two ways from then on. The influencer receives a brief then produces a publication or he/she can just publish, as is, content provided by the marketer or Linkjuice.io. The influencer’s commission is, logically, less when Linkjuice.io comes up with the content. The startup has a team of copywriters for that purpose.

Linkjuice.io’s strengths

Besides offering a fully functional platform, Linkjuice.io helps with choosing the right influencers. Influence is not based on a hunch but rather on careful analysis using the tools devised by the startup. Any marketer can then have a clear idea of the targeted audience to get the message across.
The team now adds up to 15, mostly copywriters. However, they were only 5 three months ago. Such an increase calls for a downtime to settle down. There will not be any new recruits for the next three months but the perspective of developing the European market will call for new blood soon.

The ambitions for the platform

Although Linkjuice.io has only been running for two months, 500 marketers have called upon them for their campaigns. Not a bad start. The team has great ambitions for Linkjuice.io: to become the French leader by the end of the year and to make its marks in Europe in two years time.
Mark’s favorite quote is “quand on veut, on peut” (when you want, you can) and he is determined to push Linkjuice.io to the top.

Later this year…

The expansion of Linkjuice.io is already underway. Social networks will be added to offer new media for marketers. There may even be a fundraising by the end of the year.
Linkjuice.io is not currently incubated. It shares offices in the Toulouse startup community @Home. Mark finds this environment very stimulating for his team. Linkjuice.io also does its fair share to encourage others by sponsoring a marketing event every month. I guess they do know their way around when it comes to market a good idea.