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Musings on hardware investing in France

Since May is hardware month in Paris, I’ve been reflecting lately on venture capital investing in French hardware startups. I’m far from an expert on hardware investing — only a small fraction of my VC portfolio over the years has been in hardware. Despite this, I’ve noticed an order-of-magnitude leap in incoming deal flow from […]

Connected Conference, free to the public tomorrow – sign-up now!

Connected Conference, free to the public tomorrow – sign-up now!

After two fantastic and inspiring days, we’re opening-up Connected Conference tomorrow, Saturday 30 May, for free to the general public. With 40+ billion connected objects set to come on-line by the end of the decade, now’s the time to understand how our connected future will come to pass. Over the past two days, we’ve had fantastic […]

Hardware lead John Dimatos on why Kickstarter is opening in France today

Hardware lead John Dimatos on why Kickstarter is opening in France today

Today’s the big day. The day that Kicstarter officially comes to France. Of course, numerous French startups have been long been mounting successful Kickstarter campaigns, but now the can do so from France.  The first big campaign from France, also launched today, is Mixfader – the first connected device for aspiring DJs, developed by DJIT, makers […]

After crowdfunding its campaign 6x the Smart Wheel is ready for European production

Although there are some notable crowdfunding successes, few of them actually make a strong argument for the betterment of society. New York based startup Flykly did just that when they shared their vision for the future of urban mobility. The Smart Wheel is one of those products you immediately think : “How come we didn’t […]

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to launch in France, now accepts €/£

Speaking at LeWeb last week,  co-founder of crowdfunding platform Indiegogo Danae Ringelmann spoke about Indiegogo’s progress in helping projects get funded. With Kickstarter having announced their launch in the UK, Indiegogo looks to get ahead of them on continental Europe, and announced today that they would be soon accepting euros & pounds sterling, in order to expand […]

KissKissBankBank – The startup from Europe­ that got cloned by Kickstarter

KissKissBankBank is one of the oldest crowdfunding websites in the world. The idea was loosely based on SellABand, who were the first one ever. They started seriously working on the idea 6 months before Kickstarter. What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding comes in four flavors: P2P lending, philanthropy, rewards, and microventure. They are in the most popular […]

Google backs a copycat accelerator – take that Samwer brothers!

Every trend has its backlash, and every backlash has its own backlash. A few months ago we penned our defense of the copycat, and just last week we kneecapped the burgeoning backlash to European accelerator programs. But we perhaps lost the contest of “best contrarian” to Guilhem Bertholet — perhaps best known for running the […]